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Office (cs_office) is an official hostage rescue map in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online.

Official description[]

This map is set in an abandoned office building and its surrounding area. The several entrances to the office building and hidden corners offer advantages to snipers.


It is set in a office building with parking areas and outsides. Counter-terrorist base is in the parking building while the Terrorists are inside the offices. The CTs must either eliminate all the members of the terrorists or rescue the hostages, who are scattered in pairs around the building. The terrorists must either kill all the counter-terrorists or prevent the hostages from being rescued.

Tips and tricks[]


  • Throw a flashbang or a smoke grenade to cover up your entrance.
  • Try to head towards to the backyard and go through the front room where the Terrorists may not be expecting you when playing as CT.
  • Check for corners, and be alert for footsteps.
  • HE Grenade is not recommended as it can injure and kill hostages.
  • Hit-and-run tactic is useful in this map.


  • Close-ranged weapons such as M4 is recommended inside hallways and side hall.
  • HE Grenade is deadly due to the confined spaces inside the office. Use it as advantage to score a multi-kill.
  • Submachine guns are also recommended for this map.
  • Take advantage of the outside sections of this map with sniper rifles.

Zombie modes[]

Not recommended due to confined spaces and unsuitable places for camps.



  • Office used to be one of the famous hostage rescue maps in the original Counter Strike. However, in Counter Strike Online, it is hardly ever played in public rooms.
  • There is a map creator info hidden behind the wall of Office, similar to Survivor.