Counter Strike Online Wiki

Original 2 Original modes are the classic modes in original Counter-Strike.


These modes promote non-instantaneous respawn which means the players will only respawn at the starting of the next round. Moreover, these modes put more importance on the amount of money a player has in order to buy weapons and equipment.

There are four official modes categorized as original modes which are:

Original modes[]

Tooltip original as Tooltip original dm Tooltip original de Tooltip original cs


Weaponlimitknife Weaponlimitpistol Weaponlimitsniper Weaponlimitflash Gamemodeclassic Reverseevent

Original Renewal[]

As of 8 August 2019 in South Korea, Original mode is updated with new features:

  • Tournament rules can be modified round
  • Competition rules round progress UI additional information
  • A general rule ally outline display ON/OFF is possible
  • Change round for when selecting replacement camp competition
  • Additional camp replacement options on the General Rules (including Basic mode)
  • Competition rules death can be modified cam