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Original modes are the classic modes in original Counter-Strike.

Bomb defuse

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  • The Terrorists must plant a C4 in one of the two bombsites available in the map.
  • A C4 is given randomly to any Terrorist member and can be dropped upon death or willingly.
  • Any planted C4 will explode in 35 seconds.

Hostage rescue

Hostage rescue cso2.jpg

  • Annihilate all the Counter-Terrorists.
  • Prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing the hostages.
  • Annihilate all the Terrorists.
  • Rescue all the hostages.
  • Counter-Terrorists must escort the hostages to the rescue zone.
  • Hostages usually located at the Terrorists spawn zone.
  • Any harm and kill of the hostages will result in losing money.
  • You cannot revive after being killed until the round restarts.


  • Annihilate all the Counter-Terrorists.
  • Annihilate all the Terrorists.

Mini Original

Mode de small.png

After the 26 May 2016 update, the "Mini Original" mode was introduced as an event mode that based on Original.

The gameplay is similar to Original, except that the players can play with fewer personnels, up to 3vs3 as maximum. Victory target also reduces to 3 wins, 5 wins and 9 wins.

Release date
  • South Korea: 26 May 2016.
  • China: 22 June 2016.
Compatible maps

Compatible maps


  • During the first release, all classic modes used an old mode icon which has the word "Original", as seen in the posters. In later updates, the icon was replaced with a new one, which has the words "Classic mission".

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