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Overflow of Chase: Space-Time Rift is a the final chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 8 in Counter-Strike Online.


  • Encounter Yuri and find the entrance to the Secret Lab.
  • Destroy the unknown monsters that are chasing after the laboratory explosion and escape

Map Info[]

Accepting Yuri's request, David Black dispatches Alin and Dominiqueto the promised place but Yuri is nowhere to be seen and says that she will join if they helps with her operation. Resolve and track down the incident that occurred in the village.

Loading story[]

Dominique and Alin are tasked to go to the meeting place with Yuri and help her, and move to the coordinates given in advance. But what greeted them was a remote village full of strangely twisted cracks. Yuri's radio arrives at Dominique and Alin, who are embarrassed. She tells them that they will join the group if they enter the hidden laboratory under the village and help her plant the bomb.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 10 August 2023.
  • CSN:S: 23 August 2023.


Icon Name Description Task
Space rift [Armor Breaker] A medal given to those who have defeated Asterios 100 times Defeat Asterios 100 times.