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Room restrict limitawpThe PGM Hécate II is an anti-material bolt-action sniper rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


First introduced in 1993, PGM Hécate II is a 7-round .50 BMG caliber anti-materiel bolt-action sniper rifle. Its efficient muzzle brake greatly reduces the outcoming percussion.

  • High damage
  • Very high accuracy
  • Instant kill to human, except leg
  • High stun and knockback powers
  • High reserved ammo
  • Expensive
  • High recoil
  • Low rate of fire
  • Low magazine size
  • Long reload time
  • Heavy weight
  • Obtainable through events only


Zombie Scenario
  • This weapon can deal 10,000 damage per shot to most bosses (provided the firepower has been maxed).

Procedures obtaining[]

This weapon can be obtained by participating in the Special Mission event:

  • Duration Extender can be used to increase the limited time of PGM Hécate II.
  • Obtainable by completing Special Missions (100-day duration for each time completing). Note that a Special Mission can only be completed once per day.
  • Permanent status can be obtained after collecting it for 1000 days.
  • Player can choose other prizes as well after completing Special Mission.

This weapon can be obtained by completing different modes during event period:

  • Complete 2/5/10/15/20 modes = 100-day duration each completing; Complete 26 modes = permanent.
  • Need 4 players and above to be counted.
  • Can be done up to 2 different modes per day.
  • Does not applied to Zombie File and Bot modes.

This weapon can be obtained through Mileage Decoder.


  • Cheaper (-$100)
  • Lower recoil (-10%)
  • Higher magazine size (+2)
  • Same damage and accuracy (100%)
  • Same rate of fire (24%)
  • Same knockback and stun powers
  • Same ammo type (.50 BMG)
  • Can be purchased by both teams
  • Longer reloading time (+0.5 seconds)
  • Obtainable through events only
  • Heavier (+3%)

Barrett m95
  • Lower recoil (-18%)
  • Shorter reload time (-0.5 second)
  • Cheaper (-$100)
  • Higher magazine size (+2)
  • Higher stun power
  • Same damage and accuracy (100%)
  • Same rate of fire (24%)
  • Same reserved ammo (50)
  • Same knockback power
  • Same ammo type (.50 BMG)
  • Can be purchased by both teams
  • Can not be enhanced
  • Obtainable through events only
  • Heavier (+3%)


Battle PGM Hécate II
Main article: Battle PGM Hécate II

The battle scarred variant which deals significantly more damage to zombies and bosses.

PGM Hecate II Refine
Hecate refine

It is a bolt-action anti-materiel sniper rifle that uses 7 50-caliber bullets. The high-efficiency muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil after firing. This variant can undergo Weapon Enhancement.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 11 June 2015
  • China: 17 June 2015
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 23 June 2015


Shooting sound


  • In real life, its recoil is as low as 7.62mm sniper rifles.
  • The in-game model design is modified from AI AW50F.