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PVP VGUI Improvement Update is an updated system in Counter-Strike Online. It's firstly patched in South Korea on 18 December 2014.


In this new PVP VGUI update, there are several new features and changes:

Kill FX

After killing enemies, new several FX icons have been added such as First Kill, Dominating and Godlike.

Assist FX

The name of a player that assist another player to kill an enemy will pop out next to the killer in the kill list on top right of the screen. This feature is similar to the one in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are also several FX icons updated to this feature.

Kill FX Settings

The players can enable or disable this feature at Options → Advanced → Enable/Disable Kill FX.

New Score Design

The new design has been implemented to the score table when the player press the TAB key.

Enhanced Damage Display

Damage Display item is now available to all players as a default item (for Original and Deathmatch modes only) and it has been improved. The number of shots and where it landed are reported specifically after the player died.

Noted that with Zombie Modes, players still need to buy Damage Display from shop.

New Achievements Tab

Located in the mission section, this new achievement tab shows how many times have you achieved a specific skill. For example, First Blood, Double Kill, Assist, Knife Kill, Grenade Kill, etc.