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Room restrict limitknife.pngPapin is a Steampunk melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot.png This weapon has Part System installed.

This is a steampunk pair of gauntlets that can unleash a powerful ranged attack accumulated by the steam mechanism.


  • High rate of slash in primary mode
  • High damage and knockback power in secondary mode
  • No speed reduction


  • Low rate of slash in secondary mode
  • Low damage in primary mode
  • Low stun power
  • No knockback power in primary mode

Release date

  • South Korea: 23 October 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 November 2014.
  • China & Japan: 5 November 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 30 April 2015.
  • Vietnam: 16 July 2015.
  • Indonesia: 26 August 2015.




Tips using Papin

  • Use when it has fully-recharged to deal maximum damage.
  • Equip Papin and wait for it recharges.
  • Primary attack also does quite high damage.

Premium Enhancement

Papin can undergo Premium Enhancement where its damage and knockback power can be enhanced up two three stages each. After all the six enhancements have been applied, Papin will have a texture change and it can knock away heavy-type zombies far away.


Idle sound

Punches sound




Ditto, with blade


Steam sound


  • The Papin name is taken from Denis Papin, a French physicist, mathematician and inventor, best known for his pioneering invention of the steam digester, the forerunner of the steam engine, and of the pressure cooker.
  • This is the fifth dual-wielded melee after Dragon TailDual Nata Knives, Dual Wakizashi and BALROG-IX.
  • This is the second pair of gauntlets after BALROG-IX, making it also the second melee weapon that does involve the user's fists instead of just the blade-made weapon itself.
  • This is the fourth weapon that is equipped with an air meter after Gae Bolg, Aeolis and Petrol Boomer.
  • The words "STEAM PUNCH" can be seen printed on each gauntlet.
  • This is first melee weapon has accuracy enhancement rather than rate of fire.

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