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Pesticide Sprayer or Venom Sprayer is a Unique equipment in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Top 50 Decoder.

A weapon that uses special poison that can be used 30 times when filled. Strong poisonous gas on the floor can prevent the enemy from moving. The higher the pressure, the farther you can fire.

Detailed function: The toxic gas on the floor is kept for 4 seconds, causing damage to normal 5, zombie 75, and scenario 200 per tick..


  • High damage
  • Can perform headshot
  • High stun power
  • High magazine size
  • Can hit multiple target at once
  • Can hit target in long distance


  • Low rate of fire
  • No knockback power
  • Heavy weight
  • Easily run dry
  • Need time to make the shot hit in distance
  • Obtainable through events only
  • Expensive in matches

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 10 August 2017.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 16 August 2017.
  • China: 17 August 2017.
  • Japan: 30 Agustus 2017.
  • Indonesia: 11 October 2017.
  • CSN:Z: 7 February 2018.


Firing sound