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Photon Launcher is a Transcendent grade shotgun in Counter-Strike Online.


This is a pump action shotgun that uses 30 rounds of 12 gauge made with otherworldly technology that creates a photon sphere at the location where the special ammunition exploded, allows indirect hit on enemies in the photon sphere with a normal attack.

Detailed features[]

  • Automatically generate special function ammunition overtime
  • Use special function by right-clicking the mouse (automatically reload normal ammo)
  • Special Function: Photon Sphere. Creates a photon sphere at the point where the special bullet exploded
    • Reduces the enemy's movement speed
    • Automatically reloads normal ammunition
    • Additional damage to the enemy with a normal attack (direct aiming not required)


  • Crosshair notification when successful hit
  • Unlimited spare magazine in scenario mode.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 2 November 2023.



  • The look and basic mechanic of this weapon is somewhat similiar to the UTAS UTS-15
  • Although this weapon stated to chamber with 12 Gauge shotgun, the shotgun shell is actually NOT a 12 Gauge shotgun and does not eject any shotgun shells upon fire