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Pick Up is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


This is an event whereby the players would need to complete a certain mission each day to get the targeted weapon list.

The progress is done in order [1] from left to right on the first row, right to left on the second row, and left to right on the third row.

After completing each mission, denoted by the description and the progress [2], the daily prize [3] could be claimed, including the pick up voucher(s) [4].

Once the event period ends, the redemption period begins (usually lasts about 2 weeks). With the available pick up vouchers obtained, players are then able to select (*) their prizes before redeeming them.


(*): Selection is deemed final and irreversible.


The rewards can be Blueprint Grade S, random rare Weapon Perfect Pick Recipe or Mileage Voucher.


There is only one task is given each day. The list of available tasks are: