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The weakest zombie has appeared!
Zombie Scenario bonus round description.

Pierrot or Clown appears in bonus round in Zombie Scenario mode and featured as a spawnable NPC in Item Battle.


In Zombie Scenario, Pierrot appears in huge numbers during bonus rounds of Zombie Scenario maps (Survival type only). Pierrots do not attack the player at all, and they will crowd any player it spots and nothing else.

They are a great source of money for players who have died in previous round, allowing them to restock and upgrade their stats.

In Item Battle, Pierrot can be spawned with the use of battle item "Snowman" that homes in to the nearest enemy, which will instantly kill as a Pierrot and the enemy player comes in contact. However, it only have 100 HP and can be easily spotted and shot.


Following the latest update (26 March 2015 of South Korea), the number of rounds in all Survival maps of Zombie Scenario Season 1 (Lost City, Double Gate and Trap) were changed to 5 for all difficult levels. The bonus rounds also were removed, making the Pierrots no longer appear in those maps.

Pierrot only appears in Bonus rounds of Culvert. Later, they appear in Crazy Zombie Scenario event as special probs need to be destroyed in order to obtain random weapons.

They also appear in Item Battle mode as item when used.



  • When killed, the players can hear Pierrot says:"Thank you". They also can hear Pierrot says:"Easy!".
  • Before the 26 March 2015 update, they were very common to see in Season 1, but their appearance has diminished on later seasons.
    • Despite being called as the weakest zombie, Pierrots can destroy the barriers in Double Gate without much effort.
    • Trap's Round 49 (now Trap only has 5 rounds) was the only round where Pierrots appeared in the middle of the round, instead of from the beginning.
  • There is a glitch where the Pierrot model is replaced by other models. These model will still give you $300, however they can still damage you.
  • In Item Battle, there are 2 different skins for Pierrot of each team (TR's Pierrot uses the origin skin while CT's Pierrot uses Snowman skin instead).
    • In Crazy Zombie Scenario event, it uses the Snowman skin as default.