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Pig is a game mode introduced in Counter-Strike Online 2.


This mode still commence the battle between Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist but in this mode, the player is capable of turning into a pig. The Pigs have a high health (3000 HP), high attack damage, and various speed. The weapon the pig carrying is a money sack and a 10 won coin. This mode can be played with bots too.

During the second week of January 2014, the Pig Mode has been revised to version 1.3. Certain noticeable changes include:

  • Pigs may not run faster than before
  • Pigs' Point of View are elevated
  • Pigs may have more than 3000HP


  • The default HP is 1000. For every 12 seconds, the HP is increased by 100.
  • Humans will shrink if they are shot by the enemies and enlarge when shooting the enemies.
  • When humans injure an enemy, the HP will increase. This is also implemented when the humans turn into pigs.
  • After reaching 3000HP, the human will turn into a pig.
  • Humans will run faster when HP is below 1000.

Compatible Maps[]



  • This mode is similar to the Beast mode.
  • The Pigs can only perform melee attacks.
  • The humans death sounds when killed by pigs re-uses the sound of infected humans in Zombie Mods from Counter-Strike Online.
  • The pig model is based on well-known piggy bank.
  • The Pigs will have bandages on their body when being injured.