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Pistol only

Pistol BattlePistol Battle is a submode in Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Online 2.


Pistol Battle is a sub-mode where you can only use handguns and melee weapons. Compared to the Frag War and Knife Battle modes, this mode is the easiest way to kill because you can use firearms. (but also the easiest way to get killed)

Pistol Battle is available in game modes:


  • Use high caliber pistols such as Desert Eagle, Anaconda and Infinity to kill enemy faster but note that most of them have low magazine capacity which are poor in dealing multiple targets and have low ammunition in reserve.
  • Once you kill a person, consider to pick up his/her pistol if your pistol has low ammunition in reserve.
  • High magazine capacity pistols such as dual pistols are excellent in close range and engaging multiple targets but note that they have low damage, long reload time and are not accurate if fired continuously and in long range.


  • The icon shows a USP.
  • Grenades are also not allowed in this submode.