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For original version, see Psychic Harmonium.

Psychic Sizer is a Transcendent grade Equipment Flex weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Power Energy event.

This is a customized weapon for the sonic weapon, Psychic Harmonium, made by Gunsmith. It can use sonic shot attacks using sonic energy and sonic pulses, which are all-round attacks, and can use special commands to use new and powerful potentials.

  • Notifies crosshair when a successful hit
  • Unlimited reserve magazine application in scenario mode
  • Special mode: Sonic Pulse: Right-clicking consumes 12 energy. Uses a shockwave in all directions

Special Combination[]

  • Presto: If you continuously input <Sonic Shot> <Sonic Pulse> or <Sonic Pulse>, a sonic wave is fired in front, and the movement speed of you and allies who hit the sonic wave increase. Knocks back enemies.
  • Animato: When <Sonic Pulse>, <Sonic Shot> and <Sonic Shot> are input consecutively, a sonic wave is fired in front, and a certain amount of HP is recovered for you and all allies who hit the sonic wave. Knocks out enemies.
  • Vigoloso: Activated by consecutive input of <Sonic Shot>, <Sonic Pulse> or <Sonic Shot>, it fires a powerful sonic wave in front. Increases the critical chance of you and your allies who hit the sonic wave by 6%. Kicks back enemies.
  • Effects obtained by special combinations are applied only in zombie and zombie scenario modes.



  • Has many combo attack
  • B mode greatly push away zombies
  • Every combo attack penetrates enemies
  • Good Support weapon: can heal teammates, can increase theirs CRIT chance or movement speed


  • Low damage for such a rare weapon, compared to other modern Transcendent weapon
  • Low rate of fire
  • Low speed of projectile
  • Easily runs dry
  • Doesn't have any combo that push away zombies, compared to the original version
  • Can be obtained only from epic fragment shop

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 20 January 2022.

Comparison to Harmonium[]



  • Higher accuracy
  • Has additional attack combination


  • Same price
  • Same mag size
  • Same Fire Rate
  • Same Knock Back
  • Same Speed Reduction
  • Same Stun Power
  • Same Recoil


  • Harder to get
  • Lower damage on all modes


Shoot A Shoot B Shoot C1 Shoot C2 Shoot C3 Idle sound



  • The existence of this variant has been added to system file 6 months before its actual release.