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Pulse Reactor is a Transcendent Submachine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


A submachine gun equipped with an energy reactor capable of holding 75 rounds. The reactor reprocesses the pulse energy used during basic and special attacks to generate special bullets for basic attacks and basic bullets for special attacks. When a basic attack hits, the attack chains to one nearby enemy within the range, dealing reduced damage.

  • High damage
  • Good accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • High rate of fire
  • Light weight
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Available only during limited time
  • Must alternate fire modes to maintain ammo count
  • High unlock level in Zombie Z

Special Functions[]

  • Pulse Nova: Consume special ammunition to inflict damage to enemies in range. In normal state, shoots a cone-shaped blast in aimied direction. While moving, the range decreases but the angle increases, returns to normal state if stopped moving.
  • Pulse Blast: When there are more than 25 special ammunition, press the R key to emit blast wave that deals damage to surrounding enemies and knocks them away.

Release Date[]

  • South Korea: May 30 2024
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: June 12 2024
  • China: June 6 2024
  • CSNS (Global): June 12 2024


  • This gun design resembles with Quantum Horizon and X-TRACKER.
  • It has separated view model parts like the Gravity Repulsor.
  • This is the first weapon to have alternation ammo, which literally means it will not run out of bullets.
  • This weapon has no reload.
  • Maximum bullet for both bullets is 75, for the special bullet, it cannot expand any further regardless of basic ammo.


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