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For original version, see Yuri.

Bomb Maniac Yuri is a Transcendent grade Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


A mysterious girl with an amazing talent for handling explosives. Yuri is known for working exclusively on more destructive activities. Although she successfully completed most of her missions, she once unintentionally injured Jennifer while on assignment. Yuri is a master of disguise and can infiltrate any location to get her job done, but recently she has been on the run from Mei, who has been persistently chasing her after Yuri had planned on using David Black and his company but ended up exposing her whereabouts to Mei. Now, the two of them find the chase and each other's company to be getting exhausting.

  • Playing as this character will apply the 10% EXP and 10% Point bonus.
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, this character has a higher maximum level than the normal class.


Hello ~ Master. I'm Yuri ~

A little fragile girl who always dreams of a beautiful world for the health and peace of her master. If you have a good eye on me today, are you ready to be charmed by me? Huh? "Would you please introduce yourself again?" I just done it already, it's Yuri- Ah..! Do you want to hear more? Great! I will do my best for my master!

When I was a little girl, I loved fire. People always stepped on it or poured water on it to put it out. From my point of view, it was an act of trampling on beauty. So I wanted to bring the beautiful fire to life even bigger. Does the owner have such a heart? I started abit at first, then I met a friend called gunpowder I still can't forget the first meeting. It felt like meeting a lifelong friend. Do you have friends like that too? hehe~ that's how it feels 

If you have any friends you don't like, write down your address and go, I'll make you feel good. Ah Ah- Where was I- Yes! Use things that burn well and gunpowder then made the pretty fire to roar. When it rises, the fire meets the explosive ~ Ping ping pew pew ping ping pew pew~ The clouds of debris and dust spreading everywhere haha.. Even thinking about it now makes my heart pound. Does the owner feel that way too? Right? Right?

Hehe, thanks to him, I also got a job. He supported me to do what I wanted to do and praised me when I did well. I liked the premise and received compliments, but from one day the compliments disappeared. I've been told a lot not to do it. I haven't changed, so why aren't you praising me? Just when I was just feeling sad, a strange lady over there started to go after me. Even though she looks like an auntie, it bothers me like a mite. Hmph.. Yuri is so upset! A bad uncle and aunt who conspired to hinder my creation of a beautiful world... If I want to live happily with my master, I have to hide myself from them. So, please help me.

See that ugly witch over there wearing black clothes and putting on makeup? I really want to kill her, but I'm too kind, so that's not possible! So please take a moment to draw her attention instead of me! I'll count to three. Alright then three! Madame!! I planted a Kronos bomb here!! Fetch!!

Hehe... I'm sorry~ Then, bye master~!


Buffclassskill 23s1tr bg
  • Exclusive voice lined class
  • Scenario max level increased by 10
  • When an enemy is killed, an exclusive mark is displayed at the target location
  • Your current speed is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • In zombie mode, a zombie with less than 20% HP is displayed
  • Add 1 mutation for the first time in Zombie Z Mode
  • Zombie Scenario Skill: Receives the blessing of a bomb maniac to deal explosive damage, grants an explosion function to your bullets during skill casting time, and sucks a certain amount of damage available to order. Increases the attack power of nearby allies within the explosion range.
  • Basic effect of the <Giant's Foot> add-on is applied (can be duplicated, and the effect is increased when duplicated)
  • When attacking a boss monster during a zombie scenario with the <Special Agent Mei> class Increases attack power (connection effect applied)
  • Slightly increases the damage of Dual Beretta Gunslinger right-click <Gunkata> in Zombie and Zombie scenario mode.
  • Exclusive dialogue output when using Dual Beretta Gunslinger special skill

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 9 March 2023.

Bomb Robot[]

Buffclass23s1tr back

Special agent pet to assist Bomb Maniac Yuri

Zombie Scenario stats[]



"I've got time to burn today"

"Yeah! Let's heat things up!"