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For original weapon, see QBB-95.

The QBB-95 EX is a light machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


The QBB-95 EX is an improved version of the QBB-95. This machine gun use a large drum magazine holding 80 rounds of 5.8×42mm, with the spare ammo capacity has been increased to 400 rounds in order to provide more continuous firing.


  • Moderate damage
  • High magazine capacity
  • Cheap for a Machine gun
  • Light weight
  • Does not easily run dry
  • High rate of fire
  • Suitable for Zombie Scenario because it has high fire rate and damage
  • Short reload time


  • Low accuracy in long range
  • High recoil

Release date[]

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 10 November 2009
  • South Korea: 12 November 2009
  • China: 18 November 2009



  • In normal modes, the QBB-95 EX has the most reserve ammo in its class. Most machine guns only have 200 bullets in spare ammunition.