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Queen Ishmael is a female Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


Her fascination was fatal, and her popularity spread due to her beauty more than that of a hunter, and the number of followers following her increased one by one. Thanks to this, she is spending her days of happy luxury with followers rather than the difficult life of a hunter. Ethan is fighting with his followers with the goal of exterminating his familiar who has been possessed by a vampire. Ishmael, enraged by this, goes out with her butler to protect her followers who are her source of income.

  • This character When you play, a 10% bonus to experience and 10% to points (20% in PC rooms) is applied.
  • This character has a higher maximum level than the regular class in zombie scenario mode.


Welcome~ Do you want to be my follower too, because you call me Queen? Don't be too scared. You haven't even started an interview yet, have you?

And what more can I do than killing you? Could you please briefly introduce yourself? My name is Ishmael, and I am a former top hunter. I made that name for myself. What? You want to hear about my past? This boy is fearless. The price of your life will be smaller if you give it a lot. I am different from typical vampires, I can survive even in the presence of light. I don't particularly feel the sweet scent and I don't even bite your neck, but that doesn't mean I don't bite at all. Should I cover your neck? Well, it was neither this nor that, but I did a lot of high-sampling at first because of my slim body. However, that doesn't mean my life was difficult. My parents were quite harmonious, they treated me like a human being, but the damn inquisitors came and took my parents from me.

So one terrible thing for me. Should I go deeper into why I don't like Ethan? Ah, well, I'll leave it at this point, because everything after this is a really cruel. Life was harsh, but thanks to my beauty and ability, I was able to join the hunter organization and like I said, I became a top hunter. Well, in a way, I did punished my own people, but I felt a sense of responsibility. I didn't even feel envious or anything, it was work. So, can we now talk about that damn Freak-than? From what I've seen in the past, I feel like I can smell the scent from his neck. Well, I think it's time to tell you why I came here. I am very tired because of the that inquisitor bastard Freak-than. He's anxious because he couldn't bust me, and now he call my followers corrupt and hypocrite. It's super bothering. People who say they're a good person but do something bad. No matter how I look at it, it seems like he did a lot worse than me, so I'll take this opportunity to give him an exhilarating pain so that he'll never do that again.


Buffclassskill 23s3tr bg
  • Exclusive voice application class
  • Increases maximum scenario level by 10
  • When killing an enemy, a dedicated mark is displayed at the target location
  • Current damage is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • In zombie mode, when health is less than 20% Zombie display
  • 1 initial mutation added in Zombie Z mode
  • Zombie scenario skill: Gives an attack power increase effect to yourself and nearby allies. When using the skill, the attack power increase effect depends on the number of surrounding allies. Increases. After using the skill, the floor covering deals damage and absorbs a certain amount of damage to the enemy as HP.
  • Basic application of the <Sword Energy> add-on effect (can be overlapped, and the effect increases when duplicated)
  • <Deacon Faust> When performing a zombie scenario with the class, stamina is recovered every second (bond effect applied)
  • Hellhound’ right-click self-destruct command does not push enemies away, but reduces movement speed.
  • When right-clicking on Hellhound and shooting, exclusive dialogue output

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 5 October 2023.