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RAH-66 Comanche

RAH-66 Comanche is a boss in Counter-Strike Online that appears in Desert Storm and Hellfire.


The Comanche is equipped with 20mm Gatling guns with laser sight and 70mm rocket launchers. It appears in the last level of Desert Storm and Hellfire. The players must work together to take it down. After destroying the Comanche and winning the round, players will receive the Comanche Record Device for Desert Storm or Pilot Dogtags for Hellfire.

Comanche also appears as a playable character for Human team which can be controlled through third-person-view in Zombie Giant mode.

Tactics against the Comanche[]

  • Use anti-materiel sniper rifles like the M95 and the AS50, they are rather effective in taking it down. AT4 is also recommended but it needs precise aiming as it is not a hitscan.
  • Always split up so that you will not receive damage with your comrade when the Comanche is attacking your comrade.
  • Shoot the cockpit with a sniper rifle to deal critical damage and gain more battle money.
  • For Saab AT4, shoot at the bottom of the Comanche.
  • Using the AT4-CS's homing missile is a great alternative.


Honor mission[]

Appointer Title Task Reward
Victor [Comanche Hunter] Destroy Comanche 100 times. Comanche Hunters


Desert Storm[]

  • Do not go to the roof when the Comanche is firing its rockets. Hide underneath the roof.
  • For better aim and hit with AT4, go upstairs.
  • When Comanche is targeting you and you are in great danger, use Airstrike support ability to make yourself invincible.
  • Place turrets so that the helicopter will target it instead of the player.


  • Stay away from the Comanche when it is firing its rockets.

Known Operators[]



  • The RAH-66 Comanche is a prototype gunship which tested by the US Army but later discontinued.
  • In-game Comanche model uses Half-Life's AH-64 Apache model with several modifications.
  • In Zombie Giant, when being controlled through third-person view, a new crosshair is added for Comanche, which is the same as XT-300 Goliath's.

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