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Revenant is a non-player character in Zombie Scenario: Season 2 which appears in Decoy chapter. The players will meet this boss in an abandoned factory while they were after the escaping Dione. Later, it appears in Poisoning (at round 4), Collapse and Desert Plant.

It becomes a playable character for Zombie team which can be controlled through third-person-view in Zombie Giant mode.


Revenant seems to be the combined evolution of the Deimos and Ganymede. Unlike Dione (which has the poison element), Revenant has an affinity to fire.


Skill Image Description
Charging Dash Rev dash Rushes to the targeted player, if the victim receives a direct hit from it, it will result as an instant kill.
Fireball Rev fireball Throws out fireballs, usually two.
Firestorm - Spreads fire to the whole battle arena. This technique can be blocked by pressing the "USE" button (Default: E) at any highlighted pipe within 3 seconds.
Heal Healing When its health bar turns red, he can slowly heal himself.

Tips fighting Revenant[]

  • Use the mounted machine gun to attack Revenant. However, be aware of its fire attacks.
  • When Revenant uses its fire attacks, don't approach it or you will be hit by its inferno.
  • If the Revenant is about to use its fire storm attack, players needs to turn on the highlighted valve by pressing E button below the available faucet as soon as possible.
  • When the Revenant uses fireballs to attack, the player can avoid the attack by jumping side ways even though it still has a chance to get hit.
  • Revenant's armour has an immunity against penetration, so do not use a weapon with high penetration especially SKULL Series (SKULL-11 does not have the power to penetrate but still not effective).
  • Since Revenant's defense is very high, it is best to use AT4-CS or Plasma.
    • However, it is not recommended to use any anti zombies weapons (except BALROG-XI and JANUS-11) since Revenant armour reduces damages from all weapons drastically.
  • Once a player activate the faucet (valve) located on the four corners of the battle arena, Revenant's defense will be weakened and all damage inflicted by player will be higher than normal.
  • Do not be selfish, drop powerful weapons as Revenant is not easy to beat.
  • Don't go near Revenant in his second form or you will immediately get burned.
  • Aim to the chest as it's his weak point, hitting straight to the bright crown-shaped area will result in damage increasement in comparison with any other part of the body, including the head.

Minimal Weapons Required[]

Skull11 Avalanche Mk48 Cannon

Zombie Giant[]

Tooltip zombiegiant 09
Revenant zg evolving

In Zombie Giant Revenant was added into the playable zombies roster. The players have the access to all of his skills.

Revenant will gain a new appearance once evolved. Parts of the body becomes more orange-colored, with the addition of flames being emitted.

Skill Table[]

Icon Skill
Zg skill revenant01 on Dash
Zg skill revenant02 on Fireball
Zg skill revenant03 on Explosion
Zg skill revenant04 on Meteor Strike (Evolution Skill)

Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal will be given to the player who had successfully killed Revenant for 100 times
Gentleman, our firepower is not enough for us to defeat the Devil that controls the fire. We had to know the enemy’s strength and weakness to survive and win the battle. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Note: At least 4 players in a game, easy stage is not included. Defeat Revenant 100 times.



  • "Revenant" means a being which has returned from death to get revenge on a wrongdoer. It can be either a living corpse or a spirit.
  • Revenant might have been derived from Ifrit, an infernal Jinn noted for their strength and cunning tricks.
  • This is the first boss that can heal himself at mid-battle, the second one is Bio Scorpion. This is different from Siege Type Phobos which although his health can be replenished, it requires the assistance of Voodoo Zombies.
  • In the dummy model, Revenant can be seen doing Jumping Jacks (Star Jump).
  • In Decoy, there is a bug with Revenant where when he walks in the mounted MG platform, he will get stuck, though it can still attack as it should normally. However, this was fixed after Zombie Scenario Re:boot.
  • There is a bug in Decoy where if all players use B mode of BALROG-XI to shoot Revenant when the door opens and Revenant is still outside the fight zone, he may not go inside the fight zone after that. This bug still happens occasionally.
  • Sometimes when fighting the Revenant, when he is about to use the Firestorm attack, the player is unable to press E button on the valve.
  • Before Revenant makes his entrance, you will hear the Sniper and Spy's cry from Team Fortress 2 screaming in the radio.

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