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Rheinmetall MG3 AA or LMG3 AA is a general purpose machine gun in Counter-Strike Online 2.


MG3 AA is a German heavy machine gun fed with 150 rounds of 7.62 NATO cartridge. It has a strong firepower and an excellent rate of fire that exceeds other weapons. With the best performance and large attack range, this weapon becomes a nightmare for enemies, turning all solid defense systems into a joke with just several shots.


  • High damage
  • Very high rate of fire
  • Large magazine size


  • Expensive price
  • Low accuracy
  • High recoil
  • Heavy weight
  • Long reload time

Release date

  • China: 6 May 2015.
  • South Korea: 21 May 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 18 February 2016.

Weapon unlock system

The player can choose to unlock the MG3 AA instead of buying from shop, by collecting 8000 kill points and 2000 assists with the M60E4.

Combination System

Currently exclusive to Taiwan/Hong Kong version, players can receive the MG3 AA by synthesizing 5 packed material boxes, along with the weapon blueprint.



  • Mila: Seen in posters.



  • Unlike the its counterpart version in Counter-Strike Online, the full name for this gun in Counter-Strike Online 2 is "Rheinmetall MG3 AA", with AA bearing the meaning of "Anti-Aircraft".
    • Also, it has a different ammo number (150 instead of 200) compared to its version in Counter-Strike Online.
  • There is a number "12" printed on the weapon body, near the buttstock.
  • Even this gun features a bipod, the view model shows the player holding the weapon by its barrel shroud. Repeated firing would cause the barrel shroud to be dangerously hot to hold it in real life.
  • The early model of MG3 AA from the files is based on the MG42.

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