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Rifleman is a playable character for Metal Arena mode in Counter-Strike Online. It is unavailable to use for other modes.


Icon Name Effect Cooldown
Crit Amp Critical Up Increases damage significantly. Passive
Diazepam Treatment Unit Diazepam Overdose Increases the critical rate and accuracy for a short period of time. 60 Seconds
CP Comp Pow CP Compounder Increases the damage of all explosives. Passive
Plas Bom Plasma Bomb Bombs at a targeted coordinate. Upon activation, an alarm will sound indicating an incoming bombing. Damage can be buffed with CP Compounder. 180 Seconds


Level Strength Attack Power (%)
1 500 120
2 535 150
3 570 180
4 605 210
5 675 240
6 710 300
7 740 330
8 780 360
9 815 390
10 850 420
11 885 450
12 920 480
13 955 510
14 990 540
15 1025 570
16 1060 600
17 1095 630


  • They deal the highest amount of damage with the Critical Up ability.

Tactics when using Rifleman[]

  • Assault rifles and Launchers are the best weapon suitable for this class especially the Blaster and the AT4-CS.
  • If you have a Blaster, combine it with Critical Up and Accuracy Up to deal fatal damage. (make sure you have leveled up everything for best performance)
  • If you have an AT4/AT4-CS, combine it with Explosive Up and Nuclear Bomb to deal fatal damage against multiple enemies. 
  • A good build for Rifleman would be:
  1. Primary weapon: Blaster, secondary weapon: Dual Infinity Final, melee weapon: Katana or Master Combat Knife and any grenade
  2. Primary weapon: AT4/AT4-CS, secondary weapon: M79 Saw off or Dual Infinity Final, melee weapon: Katana or Master Combat Knife and any grenade.

Tactics when facing a Rifleman[]

  • Tankers are the main enemy to them.
  • If you are using Tanker, use a shotgun to stun them as stunned enemies are unable to shoot or move for a period of time.
  • If you are using Alice, use the MG36 with NHP: Spiritual and Auto Guard ability.


These weapons can be used by Riflemen: