Zmrewalk flyingzombie icon01.png Rusty Wing is a Zombie type released for during Revive Update Part 2: Zombie DNA Renewal.


She is a promising female inventor who showed outstanding talents in various machine making. She lost her life in a fall accident during the performance test of flight machine made. However, after a while, she starts to hear the sight of her seeing herself on a flight machine.

Release date

  • South Korea: 12 July 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 17 July 2018.
  • China: 18 July 2018.
  • Japan: 18 July 2018.
  • Indonesia: 25 July 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 1 August 2018.


Icon Name Description
Zombieskill glide.png Glide After rising vertically to a certain height in the air, slowly begin to glide. When the skill is reused, it quickly falls in the direction the player is aiming. If you receive more than 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500 damage to your wing during your flight, your wings will break and your flight will stop. The broken wings are regenerated over time.
Zombieskill zombicrazy.png Berserk Increases movement speed for 10 seconds, but increases damage received by 50%.



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