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*China: 1 September 2021.
*China: 1 September 2021.
*Taiwan/Hong Kong: 8 September 2021.
*Taiwan/Hong Kong: 8 September 2021.
*CSN:S: Never. Stop asking.
==Sonya' Secret Box==
==Sonya' Secret Box==

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For original version, see SG552 Lycanthrope.

SG552 Cerberus is a Transcendent grade assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Sonya's Secret Box or SG552 Cerberus Collection Event.

As an assault rifle that uses 50 rounds of .50 caliber special bullets, it can inflict effective damage to zombies. When shooting in the 2nd mode, an additional attack that sharply scratches the first hit occurs, inflicting damage to all enemies to the left and right of the target.

If you shoot more than a certain number of times, the secondary mode is activated, and when you right-click the mouse, it enters the secondary mode. When shooting, an additional attack that scratches the first hit target occurs, causing damage to all enemies on the left and right of the target. Inflicts damage of 36 in Normal, 632 in Zombie, and 896 in Scenario modes.


  • Crosshair is notified when hitting is successful.
  • In Scenario Mode, spare magazine is unlimited.
  • In Zombie Mode, if no kill occurs while using Deadly Shot, one additional Deadly Shot is provided.
  • In Zombie Scenario, the movement speed of all users in the room is automatically upgraded by 5 steps.
  • Add 10% of your game experience
  • Added 5% of game experience to all users who played together

Release date

  • South Korea: 26 August 2021.
  • China: 1 September 2021.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 8 September 2021.
  • CSN:S: Never. Stop asking.

Sonya' Secret Box

Buffsg552ex box.png
  • (Korea) Period: 8/26 (Thu) after maintenance ~ 9/16 (Thu) before maintenance
  • Description: You can obtain Sonya's Secret Box when you meet the event conditions within the event period.
Mission Condition Reward
Playtime 30 minutes of playtime (1 day 1 time) Sonya's Secret Box (2x)
60 minutes of playtime (1 day 1 time) Sonya's Secret Box (3x)
Zombie Kill/Assist Every 2 Kills/Infections or 6 Assists in Zombie Hero, Z or Rise Sonya's Secret Box (1x) (Maximum 15x per day)
Zombie Scenario Clears 1 Scenario Clear in Hard difficulty or higher Sonya's Secret Box (2x) (Maximum 15x per day)
Special Missions Every 1 kill with a rifle weapon in Zombie Hero, Zombie Z, or Zombie Rise mode Sonya's Secret Box (1x) (Maximum 2x per day)
Sonya's Secret Box contents
(Depending on the respective probabilities 1 acquired item)
Item Description Duration
Buffsg552ex.png SG552 Cerberus Permanent


SG552 Lycathrope +0 to +6 (Random enhancement) Permanent
Sonya icon.png Sonya Lycanthrope Permanent
Buffclasslycan pelvis.png Lycanthrope Tail Costume Permanent
Mileage box.png 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000 Mileage (Random amount) Permanent
  • You can obtain up to 20 Sonya's Secret Boxes per day.
  • Rifle weapons in special missions are limited to the following weapons: M4A1 Dark Knight, AK-47 Paladin, AUG Guardian, SG552 Lycanthrope, SG552 Cerberus, Plasma Gun, Tornado, OICW, Hunter Killer X-15 and Compound Bow.
  • You can only participate in rooms with 4 or more players (Studio Mode excluded).
  • The minimum playtime for Zombie Scenario Mode is 5 minutes.
  • Unused Sonya's Secret Boxes will be removed during the 9/16 (Thu) maintenance.
SG552 Cerberus Collection Event

When using Sonya's Secret Boxes during the event period, you will get a point per box. Accumulate points to achieve the event gauge, and obtain SG552 Cerberus (unlimited).

Accumulated Points Achieved Items that can be obtained
50 points Event Decoder (3x)
100 points SG552 Cerberus (7 days) + Sonya's Secret Box (10x)
150 points 5,000 Mileage
250 points Event Decoder (3x) + Transcendence Decoder (3x)
300 points SG552 Cerberus (Permanent)
330 points Grade 5 Parts Box (5x) + 200 EXP Enhanced Weapon Experience (1x)
350 points Grade 5 Parts Box (5x) + 200 EXP Enhanced Weapon Experience (1x)
370 points Grade 5 Parts Box (5x) + 200 EXP Enhanced Weapon Experience (1x)
390 points Grade 5 Parts Box (5x) + 200 EXP Enhanced Weapon Experience (1x)
410 points Grade 5 Parts Box (5x) + 200 EXP Enhanced Weapon Experience (1x)
430 points Transcendence Decoder (5x)

Comparison to SG552 Lycanthrope

  • Higher damage to zombies
  • More accurate (+1%)
  • Higher knockback
  • Has Cerberus mode
  • Same price ($7000)
  • Same base damage (22)
  • Same weight (7% speed reduction)
  • Same magazine size (50)
  • Same reload time (2.0 seconds)
  • Lower stun
  • Available only during event
  • No high damage when scoped feature


Shoot sound

Claw sound


  • This is the second transcendence weapon variant to be released for free through an event after Magnum Shooter.