Room restrict limitsniperSIG SG550 Sniper, Krieg 550 Sniper or simply SG550 is an automatic sniper rifle in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online 2.


The SG550 is a sniper rifle chambered with 30 rounds of 5.56mm NATO. It has good penetration power and suitable for assault purpose instead of sniping.


  • High magazine size for a sniper rifle
  • Accurate even without scoping
  • Universal caliber
  • Usable scope for long range engagement
  • Low recoil
  • High rate of fire


  • Heavy weight
  • Not accurate when shooting without using scope
  • Purchasable only for Counter-Terrorists

Weapon unlock system

The player can choose to unlock the SG550 instead of buying from shop, by collecting 80 kill points from AWP.



  • The early model of SG550 is different with the current one, which was equipped with an EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sight instead of a regular sniper scope. It was changed back into the scope in later updates.

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