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For original version, see SKULL-9.

SKULL-T9 is a Transcendent grade melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


The latest SKULL-9 model equipped with a high-density fusion energy release system.

Release energy by right-clicking once fully charged.

Knockback on rightclick function does not work in non-zombie mode.


  • Has longer attack range.
  • Higher damage


  • Short range for a Transcendence Grade melee.
  • Can only be obtained through the Skull-T9 event.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 30 December 2021.
  • China: 5 January 2022.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong & CSN:S: 12 January 2022.

Comparison to SKULL-9 (+4)[]

Skull 9

  • Higher damage in zombie and scenario modes
  • Higher rate of fire
  • Longer range
  • Has special mode
  • Lighter
  • Both available for free
  • Same damage in normal modes
  • Higher Zombie Z level (+19)
  • Doesn't have Part System
  • Can't be enhanced

SKULL-T9 Piece[]

Skull9ex piece

Collect T9 parts during the event and fill the gauge to get various rewards including a SKULL-T9 (Permanent). Parts are rewarded at each stage, and when 900 pieces are obtained, a permanent T9 is given. For more information, please refer to the [Mission] - [Event Mission] page. Parts can only be acquired during the event period, and the remaining parts after the event period will be deleted during maintenance.

SKULL-T9 Acquisition Event[]

Various rewards and SKULL-T9 (Permanent) are provided when the gauge is achieved by collecting T9 parts during the event period.

Gauge achievement event
Gauge achievement condition Items that can be obtained
Access immediately SKULL-9 (Permanent) + SKULL-T9 (15 days)
Collect 45 parts Grade 4 Parts Box (9x) + Zombie Scenario Addon Chance Box (9x)
Collect 135 parts Unique Decoder (9x)
Collect 180 parts Weapon Enhancement EXP 100 (9x)
Collect 360 parts Event Decoder (9x)
Collect 540 parts Hunter Killer X-90 with Gun Boost Grade 6 an Vampiric Parts Grade 6 parts applied (Permanent)
Collect 720 parts Transcendence Decoder (9x)
Collect 900 parts SKULL-T9 (Permanent)

After completing 900 parts, every 75 additional parts will give you one of the followings:

  • VVIP Free Pass (3 days)
  • Weapon Enhancement EXP 100 (1x)
  • Weapon Enhancement EXP 200 (2x)
  • Zombie Scenario Addon Chance Box (6x)
  • 900 Mileage (9x)
  • Tiger Tattoo (1x)
  • MP5 Tiger (1x)
  • Barrett M95 White Tiger (1x)
  • Miracle Prism Sword (1x)

T9's Parts Collection Event[]

Event conditions Items that can be obtained
2 Zombie Kills / 6 Zombie Kill Assists in Zombie Modes and/or 2 Human Infections T9 Parts 2x (Up to 40 per day)
Cleared Zombie Scenario in Normal/Hard or higher difficulties T9 Parts 2x (Normal)/4x (Hard or higher) (Up to 40 per day)
9 kills with SKULL-T9 in Knife Match Weapon Restriction T9 Parts 9x (Up to 9 per day)
Every 10 minutes of playtime T9 Parts 5x (Up to 35 per day)

T9 Parts Attendance Collection Event[]

Cumulative attendance days Items that can be obtained
1 day T9 Part (1x)
2 days T9 Part (2x)
3 days T9 Part (3x)
4 days T9 Part (4x)
5 days T9 Part (5x)
6 days T9 Part (6x)
7 days T9 Part (7x)


Wind sound


  • Despite being Transcendent grade, it does not have a unique model and is just a reskin from the regular SKULL-9.
  • It has a texture change upon energy charge, notification sound and additional crosshair that lights up for special function use like Twin Shadow Axes