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Sandalphon is an Epic grade grenade in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Epic Decoder.

A weapon from a different dimension, known as a Heavenly Relic. When deployed, it can protect its wielder and summon a heavenly being.

If there is energy:

  • Left click: Activate <Guardian Spark>
  • Right click: Activate <Light of Judgement>
  • When deployed, click again to recall
  • When consume enough energy, <Reload> button: Use <Furious Blow>


  • Automatic detection to attack nearby enemy using Guardian Spark
  • Lacks reliablity on supply boxes due to energy self recharge and ability to reuse
  • Light of Judgement slows down enemies regardless of radius
  • Furious Blow drags enemies in range and hold them from moving untill damage done
  • Can be deployed at anytime
  • Easy to manage due to the blinking effects that notifies player if energy runs out


  • Furious Blow couldnt fully ultilize if zombies are heavy types or filling anger bar
  • Cannot slows down Rusty Wing or zombies with Icarus mutation if approach from long range
  • Guardian Spark only chains up to 4 targets
  • Take time to recharge and get a single use of Furious Blow
  • High purchase cost on Scenario and Zombie Z

Special function[]

  • <Guardian Spark>: Detects nearby enemies and fires a lightning attack. This lightning will chain to other nearby enemies upon hit. Can be used with another weapon after activation, and expend energy.
  • <Light of Judgement>: Concentrate energy and fire to the aimed location. Can be used with another weapon after activation, and expends energy.
  • <Furious Blow>: Summons an archangel upon aimed location, and deals a devastating blow. Cast a pentacle that draws nearby enemies in and inflict damage in the area.
  • <Furious Blow> don't activate in non-zombie related modes.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 14 July 2022.
  • Taiwan/China: 20 July 2022.

Obtaining methods[]

Sandalphon can be obtained from Epic Decoder or Guardian Spark event

Corresponding Medal[]

6940049224801241020 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Sandalphon and Protector Wings (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements Guardian wing Can be obtained from Rare Costume Selection Box. Divinetitan


Draw sound

Idle sound

Deploy (Guardian Spark)


Hitting targets (Guardian Spark)


Switch to Light of Judgement

Light of Judgement shooting sound

Light of Judgement explosion

Furious Blow ready to use

Idle (Ready to lob)

Furious Blow

 	-High_Quality-_카스온라인_22-2_Epic_weapon-_산달폰_(Sandalphon)_promotion_CG 	 			    	-카스온라인-_경험하지_못한_권능_'산달폰' 	 			  


  • Sandalphon is an archangel in Jewish and Christian writings.
  • When spectating a player using Sandalphon in first person, its effect affect other weapon view model of other players when switched out by changing its color, this wont take effect if you joined the game, this was patched in August 11st patch in South Korea.
  • After the patch on July 28th, the weapon inventory icon has its brightness adjusted but not the package on Epic Decoder and Guardian Spark shop.
  • There are Hebrew writings on the circlets.

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