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For the version that is used by female characters, see Cold Steel knife.

Room restrict limitknifeSeal knife is the default melee weapon in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It is available for free to every Counter-Strike Online players.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed.

The Seal knife is usually used in close combat situations, stealth kills and rushing tactics, it cannot be dropped. This weapon belongs to all male characters as their spawn melee weapon by default, and it is capable of performing an instant kill if a backstab or headshot was scored.



  • USA: As the SEAL's standard issue combat knife.


Part Damage (Secondary attack)
Back stab (Unarmoured) 190
Back stab (Armoured) 165
Head & Chest 500
Back stab 600
Leg 230


Hit sound


Draw sound

Stab sound

Attack miss sound

Wall impact sound


  • The knife is modeled after SOG Knife's SEAL Team (formerly known as Seal Knife 2000).
  • Seal knife is one of the few weapons that keeps their 1.6's world models and animations but since the knife cannot be dropped and the third-person model uses the current 1.6 knife, its world model remains unused.
  • At one point, the Seal knife was going to be modeled similarly to its world model, but abandoned. The unused barracks image named seal knife 2000 is the only remainder.
  • The kill and HUD icons when infecting human in Zombie modes use the Seal knife's ones.
  • Seal Knife has an unreleased Tyranno paint. No reason given for the unrelease. However, one can speculate that it's probably bugged with other zombie view models since Seal Knife acts as their basic.

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