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Security System's Robot is a boss in Counter-Strike Online.


The security system robot that guards the mysterious bio laboratory with various equipment's, said to be one of Kronos production.



  • The Boss has multiple weaponry and massive Health pool, while also backed up by zombies, try to challenge solo without a good weapon and add-ons is not advisable.
  • At 1st phase, the boss will stationary at the center while unleash multiple attack towards a player, the attacks has the following at random interval:
    • Homing Fire Ball
    • Centered Rotating Laser Wall
    • Coordinated Missile
    • Centered Growing Shockwave
    • Whole Room Lighting (Can be evade by stepping inside Square Safe Zone marked on the ground)
  • The boss entering 2nd phase when health reached 50%, become mobile and unleash new attack:
    • Aiming Laser
    • Wide Cannon
    • Homing Fire Ball
    • Coordinated Missile
    • Lethal lighting (Can be avoided by Destroying Generator that spawn in within 30 Seconds)
      • If succeed, the boss will stunt and defense lowered.
      • If Failed, the player will die in 1-shoot from the lighting.

Minimum Recommended Weapon[]

  1. Hunter Killer X-90 +5 (Vampire 5 + Gun Boost 6)
  2. THANATOS-9 +5 (Vampire 5 + Armor Break 6)
  3. Any Secondary (Health Boost 6 + Power Up/Critical 6)