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Seo Yoon-Gyeong
Seo Yoon-Gyeong
Gender Female
Faction Human
Status Alive

Seo Yoon-Gyeong (서 윤 경) is a Manhwa character of -Side of Shot-.


Seo Yoon-Gyeong is a Private in the South Korean Military with the 707. She currently bears the rank of "Private". 

As a child, her parents were killed by a zombie in the night. She later joined the South Korean Armed Forces. Surprised by her subordinates as she was a female, she became the "youngest platoon leader" in her group.

After training for zombies in Italy, Seo receives the news that she and her subordinates will be sent to Lost City to fight the zombies that have taken over the city.

Fighting alongside Terrorists, she gets injured by a Heavy Zombie, not getting infected however, instead she gets zombie-like strength.

Getting arrested later on, she is freed by Choi Ji Yoon.


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