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A shotgun is a lethal close-range weapon. Though they can be powerful if used by a skilled player, they are rarely used because of their weak damage at medium range and small ammo clip. At close range, a shotgun can kill two armored opponents with one shot.

Pump Action[]

M3 s
Main Article: Benelli M3/CSO2.
Benelli M3 does high damage in close quarter combat, but its power decreases over range. Each round will spread into twelve pellets which makes it easier to hit the target. Its recoil does not change even when jumping, which will be an advantage for some users to perform the jump-and-fire technique.

M870 s
Main Article: Remington M870.
Sharing the same 12 gauge cartridge as the Benelli M4, XM1014 and Armsel Striker-12, it operates on a pump-action mechanism. Widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting and self-defense, it is also commonly used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.


Xm1014 s
Main Article: Benelli M4/CSO2.
Benelli M1014 is an Italian automatic shotgun fed with 7 rounds of 12 gauge. It has moderate firepower, high rate of fire and light weight. However, it has low magazine size, expensive and high recoil.

Striker12 s
Main Article: Armsel Striker-12.
Striker is a South African shotgun fed with 12 rounds of 12 gauge. It can be fired while reloading and has high magazine capacity.

Qbs09 s
Main Article: QBS-09/CSO2.
Introduced in 2005, this is a shotgun manufactured by the Institute of China Ordnance Industry chambered with 5 rounds of 12 gauge. It can be fired while reloading.

Break Action[]

Dbarrel s
Main Article: Stoeger Double Defence.
This is a double barrel shotgun fed with 2 rounds of 12 gauge. It unloads both shells per shot and have a very high firepower.