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Man vs Machine!
— Singapore/Malaysia description

Sidewinder (hs_sidewinder) is the fifth Human Scenario map mission in Counter-Strike Online.


In this map, you must annihilate a certain number of enemies in given limited times. There are 10 rounds. At the last round, XT-300 Goliath will appear as the boss. Destroy it to win and receive either Comanche Record Device, Pilot Tag or Drone Control Chip items.

Official Description[]

We might be annihilated due to the sudden attack from Drone during the airplane transportation if not for Red Lizard Jim, who allow us to ride onto the Blaze. Secret reports were obtained that Norman, the guy Jim trusted the most, has betrayed the mercenary.

Jim looked very anxious after he heard that his base camp has been attacked.

We have decided to leave early as we had to transport the samples safely. We will, hence, reorganize our remaining support troops and dispatch them to the base camp.

- From the diary of the transportation supply troop, Commander Victor.


  1. Due to the betrayal of Jim's right-hand man, Norman, the garrison of the Red Lizard mercenaries is taken over by the Vanguard Company.
  2. Victor's unit is urgently tasked with transporting corpse samples, but in order to repay the kindness of Jim who helped him, he leaves for transport with 3 squads left.
  3. However, shortly thereafter, Victor's troops are stolen by a surprise attack and a sample of the prototype Phobos's body is stolen, and they advance to the Vanguard Company's secret base to retrieve the sample.
  4. Squad 3 and Jim decide to drive out the Vanguard Company from the garrison, defeat the giant XT-300, and pursue Victor.
  5. CF. The XT-300 Goliath is a humanoid combat robot being secretly developed by the Vanguard Company. It is equipped with flamethrowers lethal to infantry and multiple missiles to neutralize bunkers.


Victor msg
Zim msg
  1. Vanguard forces detected upfront!
  2. Use the headquarters as a shield to defeat the enemies. Attack and eliminate them!
  3. Enemy reinforcements have arrived!
  4. Hide from them and take out the snipers!
  5. The Titan's leader has appeared!
  6. Be careful!
  7. Blearghhh!! The smell of blood is overwhelming..
  8. This is worse than I thought!
  9. Darn it!! Vanguard troop!! Are they thinking to destroy the whole base camp?!
  10. We will be annihilated before we even shoot if we move like tortoises!!
  11. Hey, MAN UP!.. Haha
  12. You've even cleared that noisy Osprey nicely!
  13. I'll teach you for touching the hive!!
  14. This is Commander Victor!! RED ALERT RED ALERT!! 3rd squad reinforcement, come in!
  15. We've lost our sample to Vanguard's sudden attack!
  16. Follow Vanguard to the desert and penetrate their hidden military base!
  17. 3rd squad reinforcements! Regroup and capture the mercenary 's base camp!!
  18. I believe we will meet again! Good luck, gentleman!!
  19. This is not good! The enemy are suddenly retreating..?
  20. WHOAAA!?!?! A high speed UFO is approaching!!
  21. The plant is emitting some strong unknown energy!!
  22. Get away from it NOW!!
  23. It must be Vanguard's secret project, the XT-300!!
  24. Wasn't the project abandoned due to a critical error detected during testing?!
  25. Goodness me! They've managed to create weapon of such destructive power?
  26. Stay focused or we will die in the blink of an eye!
  27. Take Cover!!!
  28. A large scale of missile launch has been detected!! Everyone get to the nearest bomb shelter!!
  30. This is the military air force, AV-8!!
  31. We will circle the area to scan for hidden enemies
  32. We have detected Vanguard forces hiding on the roof!
  33. Take cover inside the building!! BOMBS AWAY!!
  34. Enemy reinforcements detected. 2nd airstrike incoming!!
  35. A strong napalm bomb will be used, so move away from your current location ASAP!!
  36. Wow!! Is this the air bombing support from the military? They did a good job!!

Honor mission[]

Mission Description Task
A medal given to a veteran who can analyze enemy's attack pattern to nullify [Gear Breaker] Gentleman, do you know a method to destroy high-tech weapon? Although, they have a strong attack power, you can neutralize it by analyzing their attack pattern. Thus you'll notice that even an astronomical figure price weapon is just a scrap iron for a noob! Defeat XT-300 Goliath 100 times.


Against the troopers

Plasma Broad Divine Laserfist Laserfistex

Against the boss

M95tigernb M95tigerm Battle Hecate II Thanatos7 Quantum horizon

Release date[]

Sidewinder was released on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 15 August 2012.
  • Indonesia: 13 March 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.



  • "Sidewinder" can be defined as a heavy blow with the fist delivered from or on the side.
  • The Singapore/Malaysia blurb is a possible reference to Team Fortress 2's "Mann vs Machine" game mode, which was released a day after the game mode in Team Fortress 2 is added.
    • Team Fortress 2's Soldier can be hear yelling "Medic!" faintly in the background.
  • This is the only map where background and spawn musics do not play, they only play during the boss stage.
  • This map and Blaze are the only 2 maps in Human Scenario that don't have overview. If players spectate and choose Overview mode, they just can see the words "Unknown Area".