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Siege Type Phobos

Siege Type Phobos is a non-player character in Zombie Scenario mode. It appears in chapter Chaos and shares the same properties to the Prototype Phobos except the purple scheme. Later, it appears in Nightmare (round 4) and Collapse.

It also makes its appearances in Desert Plant and Hell Ride after Zombie Shelter Re:boot.


Phobos failed, the intruders (the players) made their way through the underground laboratory and thus forcing the defense mechanism to deploy Siege Type Phobos, Oberon and Dione to eliminate the intruders and destroy the laboratory. Under the government's order, the players are ordered to kill the creatures, but not before Siege Type Phobos encounters them first.


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to players who have killed Phobos for 100 times
[Phobos Slayer]
Gentleman, rumor has it that the monster has a blue color skin and some terrible things on its hands. I really want to meet the person who defeats such a monster for more than 100 times. Note: Easy stage is not included. Defeat Phobos 100 times.

Tips defeating Siege Type Phobos[]

  • Do not spam HE Grenades, as they will no longer give the player money upon killing the zombies.
  • Conserve ammunition as the only way to increase money is by killing zombies by weapons not grenades.
  • Using Machine guns and do hit-and-run technique is the best way to survive.
  • Jump out of his way when he's charging.
  • When Phobos is calling Voodoo Zombies for healing, find and kill the zombies immediately.

Minimal Weapons Required[]

M249ex gfx Mg3 HK23 K3 Icon m249 cso



  • Phobos is an Ancient Greek word which means "terror", which is also the name of one of Mars' moons.
  • During its arm charge attack, a hit may register twice.
  • Before it is patched, players who use Melee Weapons License and Hammer can exploit the hammer's knockback to push Siege-Type Phobos back to its spawn point before the gate closes (see here). This bug was fixed later.
  • Siege Type Phobos actually does not have healing skill at mid-battle. In fact, it needs the assistance of Voodoo Zombies to do so.