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Silencers or also known as Sound Suppressors are the special attachments for some types of firearms in Counter-Strike Online.


For any guns that have the silencer mode, press the secondary fire mode (right click) to attach or detach the silencer.

Attaching a silencer affects a firearm's performance. This reduces the (sound) volume of the a weapon while firing. Although it decreases the base damage and accuracy rate of a weapon, the silencer can make it more precise and lower bullet spread.

Guns with silencers[]

The guns below here are attached with silencers and able to detach it.

M4a1 icon Battle USP Icon usp Kriss SVD HK416


  • The silencer that is attached to the M4A1 is not properly attached.
  • The TMP, VSK-94, SKULL-3 and the SL8 Rex Edition also had silencers, although they are fixed and not an attachment.
  • In real life, silencers are refered as suppressors in general. It also eliminates muzzle flashes, which apparently does not happen in the game.