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For her Terrorist counterpart, see Nyx.

Skadi is a Transcendent grade Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


This character can be obtained from Class Decoder.

A princess from another world transported to this world while looking for the frost flower. She was recruited alongside Nyx when they were found by the institute, freezing the first zombie she encountered. She is full of royal pride and is adapting to this world by speaking formally and trying to learn new customs. She is cooperating with the Aegis Institute to return to her original world. Wherever she treads freeze, regardless of the climate.


A moonlit night I was taking a walk relying on the moonlight to find ice flowers that bloom only that day. Strangely, I think I went deep into the forest because I felt that it had to be today. How long has it been? I found a shiny ice flower in a small moonlit space. I can't express the excitement at that time. I can still feel the lingering emotions. The bright, shiny, cold petals that seem to freeze everything in the world.

The intensity of the cold air that makes my heart freeze just by touching it. Is that why you asked where the petals are? *sigh*... If I was holding it, would I have expressed this abstract expression? I'll show you right away. Why don't you take a hint? In conclusion, it's a series of misfortunes because you couldn't pick flowers and suddenly fell into a new world. I'm tired of being with a lame servant next to me, but the first time I encountered a zombie in the world. That dirty-looking jerk who's running at me is just awful. I was freezing everything I could see, like the big zombie research institution Aegis nearby. I got a new job thanks to the staffs. Ah~ The attendant who came with me was busy praising me while I was strong. I'm that kind of person, as a royal, it's the only way to save the people.

It would be a family honor for someone like you to be able to talk to a noble, elegant and charming princess like me. Oh, if you want an autograph or a picture, I'd like you to schedule it separately through my attendant. My portrait rights are more expensive than anything else. I'm tired because I talked a lot. I'll take one last question now. What I want to do the most right now? Well, there's nothing to worry about. I'm going back to my hometown. How much would it be a loss for me, the next queen nominee, to be out of the world? I will definitely find a way back to my hometown. You can't miss the queen's seat on the ice, which is praised by the people of the world. So let's stop talking. If you ask me more, I might show you something else


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  • Zombie Scenario Skill: Ice Queen's Grace Passive: If engaging in Zombie Scenario with Nyx, critical rate increases (Connection effect applied, cannot be stacked).
  • <Quick Rejoining> Add-On effect is applied by default.
  • Active: (Zombie Scenario) Provides special barrier effects to self and nearby allies. / Increases movement speed for the duration of the barrier effects for self and nearby allies.
  • Transcendence Class exclusive voices are applied.
  • +10% EXP/Points
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, this character has a higher max level than normal classes.
  • This character adds 1 initial mutation in Zombie Z Mode.
  • This character displays your current damage at the bottom of the screen.
  • Marks enemies at or below 20% HP.
  • This character leaves a unique mark at the target location upon killing an enemy.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 17 November 2022.

Zombie Scenario stats[]



"Praise me, for I have arrived"

"Congratulations, I am on your team"

"To those who call me enemy, I welcome you wholeheartedly."


  • In Norse mythology, Skaði (Skadi, Skade, or Skathi) is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.