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For his Counter-Terrorist counterpart, see Immortal Eric.

Smile Mary is a Transcendent grade Terrorist female character in Counter-Strike Online.


When daily life is under crisis due to the zombie outbreak, there are people who has extraordinary abilities. Mary is one of them, and she is known that she can control the aggression of zombies with her telekinesis or amplify the morale of her allies. Because she can read people's mind, no one wants to get along with her, but there are rumors that she goes with another powerful person, the Immortal Eric.


I'll teach you how to fight cleverly!
— Mary

Actually, I don't enjoy talking. Why? I can understand other people's thoughts. So, do you have to listen to what you already know? It's very annoying. Besides, people don't always tell the truth, so they lie with a smile on their face with the intention of cheating. Well, I think I can talk a little bit with you, but that's okay.

What are my abilities? Well, you can do a lot of things. It's annoying to do everything you can. The best thing is to keep the zombies from roaming around. Of course I won't let them bite you either. But sometimes it doesn't work, so you know that you have to protect yourself, right?

Zombies' thoughts are so simple that their instinct to bite is so strong no matter how much I hint them not to bite. There are times when it's no use. In addition? Well, this is also very annoying, but by accelerating the mind pulse, you can also amplify your combat power. There's nothing difficult, just stay near me, I'll protect you and make you stronger~

Hey, let's stop talking about funny things and let's talk about something fun! Um? Do you want to know more about me than a funny story? How did you know? What have you heard so far? Because I can read thoughts. You seem to be wondering how I got this ability, but that's a secret~

Don't try to find out about everyone else's circumstances. What? Isn't it fair that I can read other people's thoughts? Of course, the world isn't fair. Isn't it an era where ability is important?


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  • Pairing Weapon: Death Eater
  • Pairing Effect: Increases the charging speed of special attack bullets.
  • Hyper Beam: This is a special function that fires a beam that damages enemies in front. In Zombie Mode, it pushes back zombies.
  • Zombie Scenario skill:
    • Passive: (Zombie Scenario) Continuously recovers HP and increases defense of you and nearby allies.
    • Active: (Zombie Scenario) Maximizes HP recovery and defense increase effects granted to you and nearby allies.
  • Connection Effect - (Zombie Scenario) If you play with Smile Mary, there is a certain probability that you will not take damage when attacked.
  • Add-On Function - ( Zombie Scenario ) <Deft Movement> Add-on effect is applied as default, and only 10% damage reduction effect is applied when using the same add-on.
  • Special voices applied.
  • When playing as this character, a 10% EXP/point bonus is applied. (EXP/point bonus of 20% is applied in the PC room)
  • This character has a higher level than the normal class in Zombie Scenario Mode.
  • For this character, one initial mutation will be added in Zombie Z mode.
  • This character's current damage is displayed on the lower HUD.
  • Physical fitness: Enemies with less than 20% are displayed.
  • When this character kills an enemy, a dedicated kill mark is printed.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 11 August 2022.

Zombie Scenario stats[]