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Smoke grenade
Smoke grenade
Smoke grenade
Price in match$300
Used forCreate a smoke screen for escaping or disturb concentration.
System codesmokegrenade

Room restrict limitfragheSmoke grenade is a type of grenade available in the Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. When thrown, it creates a medium-sized could grey smoke which can be used as an escape tactic or to impair vision.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of the smoke grenade.

After the Free Update patch of South Korea, this grenade becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Can effectively hide your team if thrown correctly
  • Can make a good distraction if not used for covering purposes
  • Able to reveal an invisible light zombie


  • Causes no damage to the other team other than line of vision for a short time
  • If thrown at a group of enemies wrongly, it can end up making them more or less visible to you and your team


Smoke grenade usefulness depends on situation.


  • When facing a sniper, use smoke grenade to distract them. This will obscure their line of sight, which can be used to either cross the path or flanking.
  • A smoke grenade in tight corridors may force enemies to blindly spray in it. As they stop firing, strike them as they may be reloading.
  • Players in the smoke will receive less flashbang effect.


  • Throw a HE Grenade within the cloud, if an enemy is hiding in it, this will damage or kill them.
  • Retreat and camp somewhere safe and away from the smoke.
  • If a smoke cloud is formed in a tight area, camp somewhere and wait until the smoke disappears.
  • Carefully scan enemies either by spraying or moving crosshair to see if there's anyone hiding in it. This is very useful in Basic mode since a hit marker is displayed when hitting a target.

Zombie Darkness & Zombie Z[]

  • In Zombie 4: Darkness, the smoke grenade's smoke can damage the zombies. The users are also able to hold 2 smoke grenades at once.
  • In Zombie Z, after a human gained Vaccine Grenade ability, they can throw a Smoke Grenade that deals high damage to zombies in the smoke area. The smoke also provides a knockback function to the zombies, which the degree of the knockback depends on the weapon that the player is using. The higher the knockback power (in %) of the weapon, the higher the degree of knockback to the zombies.


Exploding sound


  • The serial number for the smoke grenade is the S-49AH.
  • The SG in its HUD stands for SMOKE GREY.
  • Gas grenade is a cut equipment in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero but later appeared in Zombie 4: Darkness.