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Room restrict limitknifeSnap Blade is a dual-wielded melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


Featured in Attack On Titan, this pair of iron reinforced blades are made out of a special strong and flexible metal required in order to cut through a Titan's hard skin and ultimately their weakness area, the nape of their necks.


  • High rate of slash in primary mode
  • High damage in secondary mode
  • High damage to Titans (Attack On Titan only)
  • Can set grapple hooks (Attack On Titan only)
  • No speed reduction


  • Low knockback power
  • Cannot use secondary mode (stab) in Attack On Titan
To participate in Attack On Titan, the room host must have this blade as an unlocking item, similar to Nightmare key, Poisoning key or Illusion key.


  • This weapon can deal up to 1500 damage to bosses.

Release date[]

This weapon was released alongside Attack On Titan on:

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 November 2014.
  • China & Japan: 5 November 2014.


Drawing sound






  • As Attack On Titan is only available for Taiwan/Hong Kong, China and Japan so far, the Snap Blade is also exclusive for those regions.
  • This is the sixth dual-wielded melee after Dragon ClawDual Nata Knives, Dual Wakizashi, BALROG-IX and Papin.
  • The draw sound is similar to Nata Knife's while the wall impact and third view model sequences to Dual Wakizashi's.
  • Stabbing is omitted in Attack On Titan since the secondary fire mode has been set to engage the grapple hooks.