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Soldier is a common bot character in Battle Rush and Zombie Giant.


Br urban cso Zg forsaken cso Zg splash cso


Battle Rush

Icon xm8 cso Sealknife

Zombie Giant

Awp Famas icon P90 Icon usp Sealknife


M14ebr G11


This is a common bot character in Battle Rush. Soldiers are equipped with XM8 Carbine and Seal knife. They have 50 health points, which is really vulnerable to grenades. However, they run quite faster than the players. When they run out of ammo, they will charge to their opponents with their knife as their last resort. 

Soldiers also appear in Zombie Giant as the assistance for Human team. In this mode, they can use more weapons to support players.

The difficulty of soldier is Hard in Bot matches.



  • They are one of the few male characters to feature new animations such as death, followed by Walter and Carlito.
  • Some posters or artworks show Soldiers are using M14 EBR or HK G11. But they are equipped with other weapons in game.