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Special Agent Mei is a Transcendent grade Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


Mei is a Chinese born special agent who works for the Intelligence Agency and is trained in high-level combat. Most recently, she had been assigned to assist a fellow agent, but has found this difficult. In a turn of events that wrecked her resume, Mei has been unable to track her target due to their masterful disguise. When she discovered that the troublesome pyromaniac that had been terrorizing the world was actually the agent she had been told to support. Mei become extremely conflicted, but carried on. Still struggling to find the pyromaniac agent, she eventually receive intel that they had met up with David's company, so now May is on the move again to finally provide support.

  • Playing as this character will apply the 10% EXP and 10% Point bonus.
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, this character has a higher maximum level than the normal class.


Nice to meet you ~ Reporter, there's something pleasant today. So what's the pleasure?

That was the day I quietly grabbed a cup on my front. I'm filming the dream of a damn long mission. Oh, you want me to introduce myself? I feel good, so I'll accept the interview.

My hometown is China, and since I was young, I challenged myself to become an actor thanks to this outstanding beauty. If it goes well, I won't be here right now, but the world's work doesn't go the way I want. Like other normal people, I went to school, made friends, and lived a very normal life. My motivation for volunteering for the military was curiosity. I also had the pride that I would be able to devote myself to the country. I think I always did my best in training and operations.

Would you like to have a big dream of honor by joining the army? Sweating in the field, devoted to the country? I dreamed of becoming such a wonderful and beautiful child of the battlefield, or rather, a commander who was respected by her subordinates. Somehow, I was ended up to a place called the Intelligence Agency. It is a terrible place completely different from the ideal I dreamed of, where I had to thoroughly hide my identity and live like a shadow. Let alone showing off my beauty in a rough field battle and being loved by everyone. A continuation of the tiring daily routine of carrying out missions in disguise every time. Thanks to you, my skin is.... Hah, I'll hang up for a moment and fix the makeup (She didn't come back for a long time).

But this mission was the worst... a stain on my career that I just finished this time. If I could send one person to heaven, they'd be ranked first. There was something strange about this mission from the first time I got it. Dispatch to support... It was the first thing I heard after being assigned here. Even the supporting agents are dispatched in advance... a group like us whose identity itself is a secret. At first, it's a bit difficult to track, but surprisingly it's really simple. A celebrity on the front page of a newspaper is the agent I have to support. What if you add the worst to the worst? A good agent like me would kill a bomb-detonating psychopath? To apply.. Well, there was no problem until there was something I overlooked here. It disturbed my pursuit and confused me to the extent that the phrase “East Sea flash, West Sea flash” seems to have originated here. How did you find it this time? Oh, of course, it's not something so outstanding to my ability, its the fact that David Black's party is in contact with Yuri. I got it, thanks

Yuri... Because of this damn fire fox... My brilliant career was ruined. Besides, she's even trying to act like an annoying sister... Look at that outfit too. "Master, master, I love you~" don't be dragged into that kind of cringe. The premise is to rehabilitate that strange kiddo and complete the mission that I took the assign. Haha.. It's not my interview, so I'm just complaining, theres nothing cool.

(Suddenly, a murmur is heard.) Ugh....What the hell is Yuri up to? I'll catch a ride to Japan and stay out from that b***h!!!!


Buffclassskill 23s1ct bg
  • Exclusive audio class
  • Scenario max level increased by 10
  • When an enemy is killed, an exclusive mark is displayed at the target location
  • Your current speed is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • In zombie mode, a zombie with less than 20% HP is displayed
  • Add 1 mutation for the first time in Zombie Z Mode
  • Zombie Scenario Skill: When using the skill, obtain the stealth effect for a certain period of time. Increases movement speed for a certain period of time at n and recovers the HP of allies in a certain range.
  • Basic application of the <Trap Avoidance> add-on effect (can be overlapped, and the effect increases when overlapped)
  • <Pyromaniac Yuri> class and zombies Attack power increases when attacking boss monsters during the scenario (connection effect applied)
  • In Zombie and Zombie Scenario Mode, the Dual Sword Phantom Slayer special skill <Feast of the Sword> activates faster, and the attack damage slightly increases.
  • Exclusive dialogue output when using the Dual Sword Phantom Slayer special skill

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 9 March 2023.

Mickey Panda[]

Buffclass23s1ct back

Special Agent Pet to assist Special Agent Mei.

Zombie Scenario stats[]



"Yuri~ you are not getting away today"

"A new mission has begun"