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Special Duck Foot Gun is a Unique grade pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


This item was obtainable from Top 50 Unlimited Decoder and Top 50 Decoder

This is a 19th century break-action mobile volley gun made in England. Bursting 4 rounds of 12 Gauge, it's designed in a specific way as to spread out its pellets. It does very high damage and can push away incoming zombies.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 19 January 2017.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 24 January 2017.
  • China & Japan: 25 January 2017.
  • Indonesia: 31 May 2017.
  • CSN:Z: 9 August 2017.


  • Aim for center of mass, and try to get close for easy damage. At the very least, you will deal 90+
  • This weapon has high amounts of stun and knockback, on par with weapons from the SKULL Series. It isn't ideal, but a single pellet may be able to stop an advance for long enough.
  • Ammo is plentiful, but be mindful of the reload time.
Zombie Scenario
  • This weapon is unsuitable for use in Zombie Scenario. It doesn't have much ammo, and its ammo is expensive. Pick another secondary.
  • It deals between 600 and 1000 damage per shot to walls. Drop-rebuy tactic will drain money.
  • Bosses will take 4000 to 6000 damage per shot.
Zombie Modes
  • A risky tactic is to get close to a stunned zombie and hit their head, before retreating. It can do 2,000 per shot, rarely 3,000.
  • Shooting zombies on slopes will send them flying like other shotguns. A viable tactic is to position yourself somewhere high and keep shooting.


Special Duck Foot Gun Queen
Special duck foot gun queen

A pistol that uses 4 rounds of 12 gauge bullets. It is a modification of the duck foot pistol developed in England in the Middle Ages. The foot gun consists of a single clip, and boasts a strong pushing force.


Shoot sound


  • This is the second antique pistol featured in Counter-Strike Online after Divine Lock.
  • Its firing sound uses the Double Barrel one in certain regions.
  • Despite stated to be using 12 gauge ammunition, the reload animation shows pistol-caliber cartridges.
    • The ejected cartridges also seem unfired, with the bullets still intact.
  • The model features a flintlock mechanism, even though it fires cartridges.
  • The concept behind this type of pistol is confrontation by one person against a group. It was popular among bank guards, prison wardens and sea captains in the early 19th century.
  • Technically, this pistol shouldn't be able to hit anything in front of the shooter, as there's no true forward-facing barrel.

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