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Spin Diver is a type of zombie in Zombie 4: Darkness.


Only able to use in Zombie 4: Darkness mode.

Small but dangerous, the Spin Diver with no doubt is the most troublesome zombie to deal with when it's regarding narrowed small areas. Although it might seem slow and highly vulnerable, it shouldn't be taken as a small menace, as once this twisted creature begins to roll, nothing or no one won't stop him from breaking through. The [Rolling] ability can be engaged by double pressing W. Furthermore, when the gauge meter reaches a certain point, a special skill will pop up called [Pounce] which upon activation by using RMB, the user will spring over, crushing any target within its range.

The Spin Diver can be purchased from shop via Shadow Conqueror set which also comes with the dreadful Night Stalker. Once purchased, he alongside Night Stalker will be available in the selection menu to play as.


  • High knockback resistance, specially when rolling
  • Able to get onto inaccessible places by pouncing
  • Fast movement speed, specially when rolling
  • Can get into small spaces such as ducts while rolling


  • Big hit boxes, making it easy to score a headshot
  • Cannot use skills when crouching


Becoming a Spin Diver[]

  • As average, the Spin Diver cannot use either skills while crouching. But, the players can get themselves into small areas such as ducts at a fast pace while using their [Rolling] ability. This is very useful in maps like Assault, specially during Night time as your gauge meter will double its points aside the fact that you cannot get permanently killed while crouching.
  • It is less likely to get a headshot kill or damage while rolling, unless players engage their Concentrated Fire ability.

Facing a Spin Diver[]

  • Spin Divers normally are slower than humans, unless when they start rolling.
  • Equip weapons with high knockback power or clip size whenever you are getting into ducts as usually Spin Divers prey there.



  • This zombie is based on an Imp.
  • This zombie appears in Omen chapter as a decoration, alongside other Zombie 4: Darkness's zombies.
  • Spin Diver is the first playable character to actually feature a lower point of view as anything else seems taller than him. This can be further noted whenever you use the [Rolling] ability. 
  • While rolling or pouncing, the user's hand will disappear.
  • Before the official release in Indonesia region, its icon already appeared in the selection menu.

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