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Stamina Drug is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


NOTE: This item only works when you set $7500 as start money.

Zombie Type[]

Stamina Drug boosts up a player's health level to level 15 which is 380 health points. It can be obtained randomly by opening Dr. A's Trunk and lasts for 30 days.

Human Type[]

Stamina Drug (Human)

Battle supplemental product that Dr. A invented from her lab. It amplifies stamina power and allows to absorb more attacks from Vanguard troop during the battle. This item will make the player more durable from attacks in Human Scenario.

Zombie Type Sample[]

Stamina Drug (sample)

A sample to test out an effect of Dr. A's stamina drug. This item will upgrade the stamina by 5 stages (equal to 180 hit points) when the player starts in Zombie Scenario mode.