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Stealth is a mode featured in the second installment, Counter-Strike Online 2. It may seem to be an improvised mode of Hidden mode from Counter-Strike Online.


In this mode, the Terrorists force only equipped with Melees and Frag grenades and Smoke grenades, have half-transparent body when moving and unseen while stationary (visible to teammates through a white outline, similar to Left 4 Dead) but will emit a loud hearbeat each second to denote their presence. The Counter-Terrorists force is allowed to purchase their gears within the $5000 budget, while being prohibited from accessing both Terrorists arsenals and the Machine guns.


  • Terrorists: Eliminate all Counter-Terrorists or prevent them from completing their objective within a time period
  • Counter-Terrorists: Eliminate all Terrorists or complete their objective within a time period

The original mission tasks are either Hostage rescue or Bomb defuse.

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