Steampunk series is a weapon series in Counter-Strike Online. They are only obtainable from Code Box.


Savery rifle icon
Main article: Savery

This is a double-action revolver sniper rifle fed with 7 rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum, based on the AWP. Its firepower and penetration power are lethal, making all Kevlars useless. Savery is steam-operated and can be fired in semi-automatic mode.


Main article: Aeolis

This is a steam-operated machine gun fed with 150 rounds of 5.56 NATO. It is equipped with flamethrower as the alternate fire. The fuel for the flamethrower is accumulated when the weapon is fired and the meter can be seen on the weapon.


Main article: Papin

This is a steampunk pair of gauntlets that can unleash a powerful ranged attack accumulated by the steam mechanism.


Main article: Newcomen

A steam-operated submachine gun fed with 30 rounds of 4.6×30mm based on the H&K MP7. It is equipped with a Steam Engine that accumulates its damage for each shot and a 30-round burst as the secondary fire function.


Main article: Batista

A redesigned double-barreled shotgun equipped with steam-powered mechanism, focused on increasing the overall perfomance by reducing the time gap between reloads and in consequence followed up shots is significantly heightened.

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