Sten Mk2 is a sub-machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


This open bolt sub-machine gun boasts a big advantage and dominated the second world war with its 32 rounds of 9mm Parabellum, light weight and cheap price.


  • High damage for an SMG
  • Good accuracy
  • Gives speed boost when wielded
  • Cheap
  • Can penetrate objects


  • Decent recoil
  • Low rate of fire for an SMG

Release date

This weapon was released alongside World War II Weapons Event on:

  • South Korea: 18 September 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 7 October 2014.
  • China: 1 October 2014.
  • Japan: 8 October 2014.
  • Indonesia: 20 January 2016.

This weapon was released through Craft system on:

  • CSN:Z: 13 May 2015.

Comparison to MP40



  • Higher damage (+2)
  • Higher accuracy (+8%)
  • Cheaper (-200$)
  • Lower weight (-5%)


  • Same knockback power
  • Same stun power
  • Same magazine size (32/120)
  • Same ammo type (9mm)


  • Higher recoil (+11%)
  • Lower rate of fire (-3%)



  • GIGN: Seen in posters.


Pulling the bolt

Inserting new magazine

Taking out old magazine

Shooting sound


  • This is the first weapon which uses a side-mounted magazine in Counter-Strike Online.
  • This is one of the few guns in-game that has the bolt handle located on the right-hand side.
  • This gun is incorrectly shown to be fired from a closed bolt.
  • The rate of fire is low for a submachine gun, which is in the level of assault rifle.
  • When wielded, the user can run 5% faster than wielding a knife. This is also the fourth weapon which is lighter than a knife after Steyr Scout, Tempest and Ripper.

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