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Room restrict limitawpSteyr Scout is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed.

The Steyr Scout is a 7.62×51mm NATO bolt-action sniper rifle which does moderate damage, however it is light in terms of weight. It is cheap and usually the best choice for players who have low money.

After the Free Update patch, this weapon becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Lighter than Seal knife (5%)
  • Short reload time
  • Cheap price
  • Quiet
  • Good accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • High stun power to zombies
  • High reserve ammunition for a bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Higher rate of fire compared to other bolt-action sniper rifles


  • Unable to instant kill aside from headshots
  • Lowest damage for a bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Though accurate, it is less accurate compared to AWP when using the scope, there is a small chance the bullet will miss the target unless you crouch



Tips using Scout[]

  • Aim for the head for instant kill.
  • 2 ~ 3 hits are needed to kill a full health enemy, so one must be skillful in order to maneuver this sniper rifle effectively.
  • Steyr Scout is recommended in Zombie Escape mode due to its weight is lighter than knife and therefore, increases mobility.
  • Crouch in long range to get 100% accuracy.
  • Its extremely quiet shots keeps you undetected by enemies, which lets you strike the enemies easily.


Scout Red
Red Scout

Scout Red is the red edition of Steyr Scout. It has the same performance except it has higher damage than Steyr Scout by 1%. It is only available during special events.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 31 May 2012
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 12 June 2012
  • China: 13 June 2012


Firing sound

Reload sound



  • The bolt model is taken from the original Counter-Strike, while the scope and body models are taken from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
  • Steyr Scout is the first weapon which is lighter than knife, the second one is Tempest.
  • This weapon does lower damage than other automatic sniper rifles even though it is a bolt-action sniper rifle.
  • Scout Red reuses the model from Condition Zero with different texture.
  • This weapon is chosen to be the spawn weapon instead of MP5 in Mosque map.
  • In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Scout is replaced with SSG08 which has a higher firepower but heavier.

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