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Symbol Sting Finger or Venom Sting (for Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies) is a zombie released alongside Z-VIRUS patch.


A female researcher who worked in an unidentified illegal research complex was transformed by Z-Virus. The body is elastic under the influence of chemical waste. It has the ability to approach quickly and surprise with sharp tentacles.


Using Sting Finger[]

  • Be wise when using abilities as you can only use it once per round.
  • Use [Penetration] ability to infect 4 humans in a row in ducts.

Engaging Sting Finger[]

  • Be careful of the [High Jumping] skill as it is useful in breaking human camps.
  • Aim accurately over Sting Finger as it has low knockback resistant.


Icon Name Description
Zombieskill zombipenetration Penetration Increases the arm instantly to attack enemies from a distance . It can also go through the enemies in front of you. It can only be used once per round.
Zombieskill jumpupm Jump Enhancement Higher jump height for 5 seconds.


Boomerzombi gfx

This zombie was released alongside Venom GuardForbidden and Z-VIRUS patch on:

  • South Korea: 28 June 2012 alongside M32 MGL and Big Tree.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 July 2012 alongside M32 MGL and Big Tree.
  • China/Japan: 4 July 2012 alongside M32 MGL and Big Tree.
  • Indonesia: 1 May 2013 alongside TomahawkDragon Tail and Thompson Gold.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 22 May 2013 alongside M32 MGL.

This zombie was released as AI-controlled on:

This zombie was released alongside Free Update on:

  • CSN:Z: 8 January 2015.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


Skill Icon Description
Penetration (Tentacle) Penetration Uses tentacles to penetrate an enemy.
High Jump High Jump Maximize the high jumping ability.


Zombie Type Cooldown Time (s)
Origin 120
Host 240

High Jump[]

Zombie Type Skill Time (s) Cooldown Time (s)
Origin 10 100
Host 5 200







Heavenly jump


Stab miss

Taiwan exclusive



Zombieskill zombijumpup

Heavenly Jump

  • The system file for this zombie is residentzb, which refers to Resident Evil.
  • Sting Finger model resembles Choi Ji Yoon for origin zombie. While following the Zombie Escape Manhwa, it was an infected female researcher, who is known to be Choi Ji Yoon's sister.
  • Its secondary attack impact sound is similar to Master Combat knife.
  • In the extra chapters of Zombie Scenario where Sting Finger appears so far, Origin Sting Finger makes no appearance, only the Host one. This is probably a mistake of Nexon, as in contrast with other zombies, only the Origin ones appear, no Host zombies.
  • After the 8 January 2015 update of South Korea, its HP is slightly decreased.
  • After the 12 March 2015 update of South Korea, its hitbox and defense were adjusted.
  • Before the Zombie Mode Rework patch, Sting Finger used to have another jumping skill known as [Heavenly Jump], which had better performance than the current [High Jumping] skill. It was replaced with the current one for game balanced purpose.