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Zombie A Set: Strong Lifepower is a special set for Zombie Modes.


After the Free Update patch, this item becomes a free default item in all player's inventories.

When in human form, the player can hold up spare ammunition for 1.5 times than normal. For example, the MG3 user can hold 200 spare bullets and with this item active the player now can hold up to 300 spare bullets. Use this item with weapons that run dry easily like machine guns or shotguns.

In zombie modes, the player that has purchased this set and turned into zombie will have health up to 1,000 points and armor up to 100 points.

While it's not stated in the item description, Strong Lifepower has an effect in Zombie: The Union, player that uses zombies will have 500 max HP increase and 50 AP increase.


  • In some regions it's called "Persistent survival".
  • The in-game icon has been removed after the 12 March 2015 update of South Korea. However, the effect is still available.