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For a CSO2 map that shares the same name, see Studio (map).

Studio icon.png Studio is an interactive community-based mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Hinted since 6 months before its actual release in OBT (Open Beta Test), this long-awaited mode is a mode that enables the player to build their own maps and share it with others. There are six existing maps available and built with this mode for player's references.


24 September 2020

Build Marker

Build Marker has been updated to make it easier to use by providing a simple function as a firearm that can specify an area.

  • You can fill in with Build Rifle and Build Minigun.
  • Building Pistol can create or delete individual blocks within the area.
  • Build Marker commemorating release, the 3 studio building licenses. You can obtain through events.
Quick Menu Improvement
  • The menu is improved according to the usability, frequency of use, and importance.
Sounds added
  • 30 new sound effects and 12 new music added

Release date

  • South Korea:
    • 11 May ~ 1 June 2017 (Beta Test)
    • 13 July 2017 (Official Release)
  • China: 5 July 2017.
  • CSN:Z: 29 November 2017.
  • Indonesia: 7 February 2018.

Developer maps

These are the developer maps available in this mode.

Map Name Description
Zf warehouse.jpg CSO Comics: 3rd Supply Base This is a simple yet hard map to complete. There are many zombies spawn in this area and you have limited starter weapon.
Zf assault.jpg CSO Comics: Assault This is the rebuilt version of Assault. You are given a set of weapons at the start of the round and must reach the escape zone safely. There are several simple riddles to be solved such as finding keys to open a door.
Zf train.jpg CSO Comics: Train Rebuilt version of Train with zombie theme. You are given series of weapons throughout the journey and must reach from T spawn to CT spawn to escape. There are several strong zombies and you must defeat them all to proceed further.

Map Name Description
Zf tutorial.jpg #1: Mansion Escape The story revolves an amnesiac man trapped in a haunted mansion where he finally can escape with an aid of a mysterious SAS operative. This map has many riddles, confusing paths, and jump-scare. In CSN:Z, there is a bug where some zombies respawn infinitely.
Hospital escape.jpg #2: Hospital Escape The protagonist, who escaped from the mansion, arrives at the hospital in search of a vaccine needed for treatment. Find a vaccine and escape from an unidentified hospital!
Play with yuri.jpg #3: Play with Yuri A mission to play with the first investor granddaughter of the Institute. Complete the Yuri task in the space created to her taste! This is a Maple Story themed map with slime and mushrooms as hostiles and available in all regions except CSN:Z.
Rj4 game company.png Extra: Game Company Story of a new employee. Pass through the hardships and complete your journey!
Rj4 yuri rescue.png #4: Yuri Rescue The story of a researcher rescuing Yuri in crisis.
Bells-5.jpg #5: Bells Institute Epilogue Continues Gerard's adventure story after being hit by an explosion from the Quantum Mechanic Collider. This map presents the latest blocks and also shows updates made in certain blocks.
Journal-6.jpg #6: Halloween The story of someone trapped in a scary Old Mansion. Can the person get out of the Mansion safely?
Researcher journal 7 tracking.png #7: Tracking An unidentified person who approaches Gerard with a hidden purpose. He reveals himself as an assistant and pushes Gerrard to the limit... Pursue the mysterious helper to find out his identity and purpose!

Map Name Description
Zf bellsinstitute.jpg #1: Experiment This map revolves around David Black, whose place was burned down and he managed to escape to an unknown place. There, he enters a place which is called Bells Institute. There are many hard riddles in this map.
Zf mansionescape.jpg #2: Penetration This map revolves around Gerard, who is trying to escape from a mansion. There are many confusing riddles in this map and may be laggy for low-spec PCs.
Bell lab 3 blast.png #3: Blast Gerard's Bell Labs second story. Dive into the lab and complete the mission. A studio Original story game. Various trap devices dedicated to studio mode are arranged.

Map Name Description
CS1CSOL4.jpg Floating Isles A mission takes place in a traditional Chinese era. This map's default mode is Zombie 3: Hero.
Metrocity.png [Battle Royal] Metro City Farm tons of items in the same time at the start of the game and spring up in killing enemies to avoid the damage field and become the last one to survive. Studio original map in urban form. There are various devices dedicated to studio mode.
Studio country map.png Country Map A fan-made map that goes official in a tournament across CSO Taiwan, China and Japan. It uses Xmas theme.
Studio space map1.jpg Space Sample Map A sample map for the Space theme. Has various new functions, decorations, and blocks to be played in various modes.
Luadust.png Lua A tutorial map to show the use Lua codes in Studio mode.

Map Name Description
Assault destroy mode.png Assault Destroy Mode Play Mode: Bot Zombie. Destroy-able version of the popular map "Assault". Humans: You can destroy maps with destructive weapons. Zombies: Right-click melee attack and zombie bomb can destroy the map. Weapon box is dedicated to studio mode. The studio mode destroy weapon is arranged.
Dust destroy mode.png Dust Destroy Mode Play Mode: Bot Zombie. Destroy-able version of the popular map "Dust1". It is a mode to play with the bot player. Humans: Various destructive weapons can destroy maps. Zombie: You can destroy maps with melee weapon right-clicks and zombie bombs. The studio mode destroy weapon is arranged.

Map Name Description
High mountain.png High Mountain Zone Counter-Strike Online version of the popular mode "Zombie Z" studio version map. Abandoned military base in the high mountains.
Scenariot.png Trail & Sewer Tutorial and campaign maps to introduce Scenario T gameplay mechanics.
Infected city.png Infected City Be alive and keep the shelter from the influx in the aging industrial city of monsters!
Industrial warehouse.png Industrial Warehouse A map dedicated to All Star and Gun Deathmatch matches in the warehouse background created with the theme of a studio waste industrial complex.
Medieval fortress.png Medieval Fortress A battle for survival between zombies and humans begins in a fortress built in the Middle Ages. This is a Studio Zombie Hero mode map set in a medieval fortress.
Remains.png Remains Escape from deadly traps and ruins chasing zombies. Jungle-themed new decorations and device blocks have been updated.
Crystal cave.png Crystal Cave This is a background created to display blocks made with a mine theme. This is a sample map with basic zombie escape devices.



There are several weapons released to be used in Create and Play modes.

Create Mode

These weapons are only available during editing.

Weapon Name Description
Vxllonggun.png Voxel Rifle This is a basic gun to create and demolish a block.
Vxlshortgun.png Voxel Pistol Short-range version of the Voxel Rifle that can create blocks in mid-air.
Vxlminigun.png Voxel Minigun Shares the same function as the Voxel Rifle, with a much higher fire rate and slightly higher range. Intended for medium maps.
Vxlmarker.png Voxel Marker It is used to create blocks in massive number. Intended for large maps.
Vxlconnector.png Voxel Connector It is used to link and cancel commands. For example, linking a switch to a door to make the door opened when the switch is turned on.
Vxleditor.png Voxel Spinner It is used to spin a block for correct alignment.
Vxlscanner.png Voxel Scanner Used to scan blocks, copying them. Right clicking copies the block properties.
Play Mode

These weapons can be used in actual game play (if you put them in Editing mode beforehand).

Weapon Name Description
Vxljunkgun.png Voxel Junk Gun When fired, this will create a junk cube at the crosshairs. Junk cubes have 100 HP, and can be easily destroyed by any weapon. Right clicking uses a short-range, weak melee attack that does 50 HP of damage.
Vxlgrenade.png Voxel Grenade When thrown, it will stick to objects and create a cube of junk cubes.
Rock Breaker.png Rock Breaker It is a device developed by the Bells Institute based on a rock drill for construction. Four destructive piles crush objects at high speed and can push enemies with a secondary attack. Special function 'block destruction' is possible in studio mode. In studio mode, some devices such as doors and switches can not be destroyed.


The zombies are ported from Zombie File and has several classes.

Zombie Level Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Zombie man normal 07 l.png 0 30 0 40 6 1.8 1000
Zombie man normal 01 l.png 1 250 0 40 6 1.8 1000
Zombie man normal 02 l.png 2 350 0 50 10 1.6 1000
Zombie man normal 03 l.png 3 500 0 60 14 1.4 1000
Zombie man normal 04 l.png 4 700 100 70 20 1.36 1200
Zombie man normal 05 l.png 5 1000 100 80 24 1.25 1200
Zombie man normal 06 l.png 6 1200 150 80 32 1.12 1600

Zombie Level Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Zombie man normal 08 l.png 0 25 0 250 5 1.5 1600
Zombie man aggro 01 l.png 1 150 0 260 10 1.45 1600
Zombie man aggro 02 l.png 2 200 0 270 14 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 01 l.png 3 300 0 280 18 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 02 l.png 4 400 50 290 22 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 03 l.png 5 550 100 280 18 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 04 l.png 6 700 100 290 22 1.3 1600

Zombie Level Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Zombie man heavy 01 l.png A 2000 200 80 20 1.2 1400
Zombie man heavy 02 l.png B 2500 500 65 36 1.25 1400

Monster Name Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Vxl monster mushroom01 l.png Mushroom 30 0 40 6 1.8 1600
Vxl monster mushroom02 l.png Advanced Mushroom 200 0 100 10 1.6 1600
Vxl monster mushroom03 l.png Red Mushroom 750 100 100 22 1.4 1600
Vxl monster slime01 l.png Slime King 1000 0 150 18 1.36 1600
Vxl monster slime02 l.png Slime Common 50 0 50 10 1.36 1600

Monster Name Health Armor Speed Damage Range Attack Speed View Distance
Vxl npc snowman l.png Snowman 250 100 200 16 400 1.2 1000
Vxl chinasoldier01 l.png Chinese Warrior 200 100 250 12 75 1.8 1400
Vxl chinasoldier02 l.png Chinese General 1500 500 250 24 75 1.25 1400
Monster hooligan 01 l.png Hooligan A 700 400 220 12 75 1.3 1000
Monster hooligan 02 l.png Hooligan B 300 200 200 17 400 0.8 1000
Monster minion red l.png Minion Red 1000 500 250 15 75 0.8 1600
Monster minion blue l.png Minion Blue 400 200 220 8 65 0.8 1600
Monster boss protophobos l.png Prototype Phobos 10000 5000 250 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Monster ghost l.png Ghost 5000 300 18 75 75 1.3 1600
Monster pumpkin l.png Pumpkin 800 100 250 24 75 1.3 1600
Monster pumpkinhead l.png Pumpkin Head 1000 0 150 36 75 1.3 1600
Vxl monster a101ar l.png A101AR 300 200 200 5 400 0.2 1000
Vxl monster a104rl l.png A101RL 300 200 200 20 400 2.5 1000
Bomber l.png Bomber 250 0 40 6 75 1.8 1000
Boomer l.png Boomer 400 50 290 22 75 1.3 1600
Zgastower l.png Gas Tower 250 0 0 10 800 0.1 500
Vxl monster kingdomzombie01 l.png Joseon King Zombie 2000 200 80 20 75 1.2 1400
Vxl monster kingdomzombie02 l.png Joseon Man Zombie 250 0 210 6 75 1.8 1000
Vxl monster kingdomzombie03 l.png Joseon Runner Zombie 150 0 260 10 75 1.45 1600
Vxl monster kingdomzombie04 l.png Joseon Female Zombie 150 0 260 10 75 1.45 1600


There are several NPCs that the player can put to do several interactions during the game. The players can set their starting speech, what item they want, password to proceed as well as their animations. When completed the given quest, the NPC can be set to grant a new item or open a door, or anything to proceed further into the game.

Guide NPC or Announcement NPC is the NPC that only appear their artwork during message and does not necessarily have corresponding model.


There are several scripts or functions that the player can put to make the map more interactive.

Icon Description
And gate.png AND is used to combine several inputs to unlock a new output. For example, to open a door, the player must collect 3 different types of keys.
Announce.png ANNOUNCE is used to provide a HUD character speaking like in Scenario modes. The player can set which character to speak and their sentences alongside emotions.
Area 1x1x1.png TRIGGER is used to commence an action. It is an invisible brush where the linked actions are run when a player go through it.
Blink gate.png BLINK is a function that do a repeating script. It is usually used on lamps where the lamp will blink (on and off continuously) to give a damaged lamp effect.
Button02.png BUTTON is a basic function to start a trigger. It can be linked to something to give an output. The player must look onto the button and press E to activate or turn it off. The effect is one time and not permanent.
C4bomb.png C4 BOMB is a function where the player can activate a C4. The player must insert C4 password to activate it. The password for C4 is set in Editing mode as well as detonating time. It gives out an explosion sprite when it detonates but it does not do any damage. Link it with intractable objects to give an output.
Contents clip.png CLIP is an invisible brush that serves as the invisible wall. It is usually used to block the players from reaching unwanted part.
Countdown.png COUNTDOWN is a function where a HUD will appear on middle left part of player screen when activated. The player can set its time and the message.
Damage all.png HURT is an invisible brush to decrease player HP when in the area. The player can set the HURT function to harm all, humans or zombies only.
Delay gate.png DELAY is used to give a delayed output. For example, when a DELAY function is put between a switch and a door, and the value is put as 5, the door will open in 5 seconds after the switch is turned on.
Emitsound.png EMIT SOUND is a common function to provide sounds. The sound can be ambiance sound or can be set to play only when triggered.
Item checker.png ITEM CHECKER is a function that 'lock' a certain door or path until the listed items are met. This function must be linked with the door in order to function properly.
Item disassembler.png DISASSEMBLE is a function to break down a single item to give out two or more items.
Item nothing.png ITEM is a function to give items. There are many types of items can be set.
Item synthesizer.png SYNTHESIZER is a function to combine several items to become one new item.
Kill all.png KILL is an invisible brush that kills the player when touched regardless how many HP is left. The editor can set the effect to take place on humans, zombies or both.
Lever01.png LEVER is similar with button function.
Mp3.png MUSIC is a function to play a music when triggered. There are many tunes in CSO that can be selected.
Not gate.png NOT is a gate function that gives a negative effect to the output. For example, instead of closing the door when triggered, the door will open by default and closed when triggered.
Once gate.png ONCE is a gate function where the event can only occur once.
Or gate.png OR is a gate function to provide the result with the existence of any input. For example, when OR function is put between a door and 3 keys, the door can be opened with any of these 3 keys.
Piston.png PISTON is a function where it can elongate the player to reach a new place. The editor can set the length of the piston.
Player spawn.png PLAYER SPAWN is a function that serves as the spawning point of a player. The editor can choose between CT or T.
Portal.png PORTAL is a function that enables the player to move from a point to another point in an instant. The editor must link between two portal points in order to function.
Pressure01.png PRESSURE is a function that activates output when a player steps on it. It is usually used as a trap activator. However, it can be skipped by jumping over it.
Push 1x1x1.png PUSH is an invisible function that push player according to the speed and direction. The editor can set the speed and direction of the push.
Reading book.png BOOK is a 'reading' function where the player can read by pressing the E button on it. There are 5 pages and the player can write anything in every page. It can be used to drop hints for password or something by camouflaging it with story or event.
Reading computer.png COMPUTER is a 'lock' function where the player needs to enter a correct password to 'unlock' something. The editor can set the welcome, wrong and correct passwords texts.
Reading memo.png MEMO is a 'reading' function where the player can put hints for other things. Unlike BOOK, it is only available in 1 page.
Relay gate.png RELAY is a 'gate' function where the player can relay commands to wider outputs. The limit of a single function is 5 outputs. With RELAY function, it can spread 5 other outputs which can increase the number of output. It is usually used to spawn zombies.
Round clear.png ROUND CLEAR is a 'flag' function where a 'Round Clear' banner will pop out after the trigger has been activated. The player will automatically quit the game after that.
Round fail.png ROUND FAIL is another 'flag' function as a negative for the Round Clear.
Sand 1x1x1 door01.png CROUCH DOOR is a small door which only can be entered by crouching. It can be opened with the E key by default and is locked when when connected to a trigger.
Sand 1x1x1 downdoor01.png TUNNEL DOOR is a small door which grant access from upper area to a lower area.
Sand 1x1x2 door01.png NORMAL DOOR is a standard door that is used as a channel wall. Same as other door, it can be opened by default and only locked when connected to a trigger.
Sand a decoy01.png DECOY is a zombie-attracting device that is offed by default. It can opened directly if not connected to any trigger.
Sand a grenade02.png JUNK CUBE is a cube formed when a Junk Gun is fired or a Voxel Grenade exploded. It has 100 HP and can be destroyed.
Sand a portcullis01.png GATE is same as door function except it is larger and the player can see through it.
Sand a target01.png TARGET is a function which acts as a trigger when shot. The TARGET is lied down by default and must be triggered first to stand up. After stand up, the player must shoot it to activate the output.
Sand a up light01.png LIGHT is a function that give out light to lighten up the surrounding area. It can be turned off with a trigger.
Sand blue water01.png WATER is a function where the player can swim. The HP will decrease if the player spends much time in water and will regenerate back when reaching the surface.
Sand break strongbox01.png STRONG BOX is a box that can only be destroyed with a trigger.
Sand break weakbox01.png WEAK BOX is a box that can be destroyed by shooting it. It has 100 HP.
Stuwpn nothing.png STUDIO WEAPON SPAWN is a function to spawn a Studio Weapon. The available weapons are Junk Gun and Voxel Grenade.
Switch01.png SWITCH is a function that can activate and deactivate an output.
Textboardbg 1.png TEXT BOARD is a function where the player can type down message and make it appears on a board.
Toggle gate.png TOGGLE is a gate function where the player needs to press E on the trigger to carry out the output. It is usually used to put secrets paths, shortcut, or easter eggs.
Transit 1x1x1.png TRANSIT is a moving function which can be used as a lift or elevator. The editor can set its direction and moving length.
Weapon remover 1x1x1.png WEAPON REMOVER is an invisible block where the player's inventory is reset to zero. It is usually used for a fresh start of a new adventure or to avoid overpowered weapons.
Wpn nothing.png WEAPON SPAWN is a function where the editor can put a weapon for the player to pick up. The weapons available are the basic weapons from original Counter-Strike weapons as well as ammo, armor, flashlight, night vision google and medical kits. The editor can set whether the weapon can only be picked once or many times. The editor can also put the time before the weapon is respawned.

Icon Description
Account checker.png ACCOUNT CHECKER is a block that can be used to set up items to buy items. Maximum 5 outgoing signals.
Common a bambooladder01.png BAMBOO LADDER is a city theme ladder.
Common a siren01.png SIREN is a function used for fire station siren. Maximum reception: 1
Common a surf01.png SURF moving block.
Damage field all.png DAMAGE FIELD is a block that expands the field that deals damage to humans and/or zombies when they receive a signal. Maximum number of receive signals: 1. The minimum and maximum radius can be set.
Firehouse b firepipe sw01.png FIRE PIPE is a [E]-key operated valve switches. Maximum send-able signals: 5
Firehouse b valve sw01.png VALVE is a [E]-key operated valve switches. Maximum send-able signals: 5
Item seller.png ITEM SELLER is a block that can sell the set item. The item type and price can be changed.
Particle emitter.png PARTICLE EMITTER is a block that can generate various particles. Maximum reception signal: 1
Random relay gate.png RANDOM RELAY. Maximum number of outgoing signals: 5. Maximum number of receive signals: 1. Invisible blocks in play mode.
Repeatable area 1x1x1.png REPEATABLE AREA is repeatedly turn ON signal when entering the area. Maximum Signal: 5. Invisible block in play mode.
RESET RESET TRIGGER. Maximum number of outgoing signals: 5. Maximum number of receive signals: 1. Invisible blocks in play mode

Icon Description
Bedrockclip.png BEDROCK CLIP. The hardest clip of all. Cannot be destroyed even in Studio Destruction mode. Unseen in Studio Play.
Common a unbreakable01.png UNBREAKABLE BLOCK. Cannot be destroyed even in Studio Destruction mode. Visible in Studio Play mode.
Common a barrelbomb01.png BARREL BOMB. Explode if shot. Damage nearby area.
Common a coin01.png COIN. When collected, the player will gain dollars.
Common a coppercoinblock01.png COPPER COIN BLOCK. When shot, it will give a small amount of dollar.
Common a silvercoinblock01.png SILBER COIN BLOCK. When shot, it will give a moderate amount of dollar.
Common a goldcoinblock01.png GOLD COIN BLOCK. When shot, it will give a large amount of dollar.
Common a hr partner01.png PARTNER BLOCK. A block that the player can carry and throw. Can be used as a boost to reach higher places.
Common a otp01.png RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. Generate a random number.
Common a rps01.png ROCK-PAPER-SCISSOR. The player must win to get the rewards.
Common a safebox01.png SAFE. Able to save your items and dollars here.
Common a signalbomb01.png SIGNAL BOMB. Detonated when triggered.
Common a store01.png INVESTMENT. Players can invest money here to get the profit/loss later. The editor can set the percentage of profit/loss.
Common a wheel01.png ROULETTE. Can be rotated to get prizes.
Dice.png DICE. Use it if you don't know what to do.

Icon Description
Greatsite cheeker 3x3x3.png BOT SAFE AREA. An area where bots will camp in Studio Bot Zombie.
Monster cheeker 1x1x1.png MONSTER CHECKER. An area which can only be triggered by monsters and zombies.
Gravity area checker 1x1x1.png GRAVITY AREA CHECKER. An area which the player has lower gravity input.
Space a jump01.png SPACE JUMP. The player is able to jump high on this trampoline.
Space a jump02.png SPACE DASH. The player is able to run faster on this pad.

Icon Description
Customdamage 01.png CUSTOM DAMAGE. The map builder is able to set the value inflicted damage to the area.
Escape goal 01.png ESCAPE GOAL. The escape zone for humans in Studio Zombie Escape.
Player checker 01.png PLAYER CHECKER. To show the progress of player in Zombie Escape. 20 locations can be set.
Zomtal01 a fallingspike01.png FALLING SPIKE. A trap that can kill the player by falling down a set of spikes.
Zomtal01 a pendulumblade01.png PENDULUM BLADE. A trap that can harm the player when they touch the blade.
Zomtal01 a spikepiston01.png SPIKE PISTON. A trap placed underground to harm the player from below when triggered.
Zomtal01 a torchlight01.png TORCH LIGHT. A decorative trigger that lights up a fire.
Zomtal01 b arrow01.png ARROW. Shoot out arrows when triggered. Harm the player.
Zomtal01 b doortrap01.png DOOR TRAP. A door that drops the player to the lower ground.
Zomtal01 b firetrap01.png FIRE TRAP. Shoot out harmful fire when triggered.
Zomtal01 b grswitch01.png GROUND SWITCH. A switch located on the ground.
Zomtal01 c arrow grey.png ARROW GREY. A decorative pointer that shows the directions of your map. Can be turned on/off.
Zomtal01 c bottomspike01.png BOTTOM SPIKE. A harmful trap that shoot out spikes from below when triggered.
Zomtal01 c spike22.png SIDE SPIKE. A harmful trap that shoot out spikes from side when triggered.
Zomtal01 c spining.png SPINNING SPIKE. A harmful trap that has spinning spikes.

Icon Description
Fakelight white onoff.png SWITCHABLE FAKE LIGHT. A fake light that can be turned on/off.
Xor gate.png XOR GATE. A digital logic gate that gives a true (1 or HIGH) output when the number of true inputs is odd. An XOR gate implements an exclusive or; that is, a true output results if one, and only one, of the inputs to the gate is true.
Item shop.png ITEM SHOP. It is a block where you can purchase items. The item type and price can be changed.
Common b medical01.png MEDICAL. Reach near the unit to regenerate stamina and armor on a regular basis.
Weapon box.png WEAPON BOX. Device block where you can buy weapons if you pay for a coin.

Icon Description
Halloween a pumpkin01.png PUMPKIN FACE. A scary face pumpkin with ON / OFF capability. Maximum reception: 1
Halloween a pumpkin02.png PUMPKIN SMILE. Pumpkin decoration with smiley face ON / OFF. Maximum reception: 1
Halloween a pumpkin02 g.png PUMPKIN GROUP. Decoration with large and small pumpkins that can be turned ON / OFF. Maximum reception: 1
Halloween b frame01.png SURPRISE PORTRAIT. A surprise portrait whose face changes with ON / OFF. Maximum reception: 1
Halloween handtrap.png HAND TRAP. When a player climbs over a trap, a zombie hand pops out. Maximum number of receivable: 1

Icon Description
Script trigger.png Device control script block. Name to call from Lua. A block that generates an ON/OFF signal by calling the name set in the block in the script. The maximum outgoing signal: 5
Script caller.png Function call script block. The name of the Lua function to call. A block that calls a script function with the specified name once it receives a signal with a device block. Maximum number of receivable signals: 1

Icon Description
Common c arrow random.png Random decoration block. A block that allows random decorations to appear in the installed location.
Buyzone.png Buy Zone Block. Block to set the buy zone.
C4zone.png Explosion Zone Block. Block to set explosion area.
Destroyarea.png Unreleased.
Common b board03.png Ranking Board. Block showing the ranking of the map.
Common b trash01.png Delete Save. Blocks to delete information stored in the map.
Atm.png ATM Resource Block. Earn Dollars when collecting in Zombie Shelter Mode.
C4barricade.png Barricade Blocks for C4. Destructible barricades for C4 bombs.
Datesignal.png Date Beacon. A device that sends signals according to date and works in a set round in round mode.
Zbroaming.png Daytime Monster Spawner. Spawn one roaming monster at a time.
Zbrush.png Night Monster Spawner. Spawn a rush monster which targets decoy, shelter, and player.
Zshadvresource.png Decorative resource blocks. Resource block for advanced gathering skill that can be set as a decoration.
Zsheltermain.png Main Shelter Block. Used for Zombie Shelter mode to specify shelter position when playing. New zombie shelter mode mandatory block.
Zshsteel.png Steel Resource Block. Hit with resource gathering blocks to get steel resources in Zombie Shelter mode.
Zshwood.png Wood Resource Block. Hit with resource gathering blocks to get wood resources in Zombie Shelter mode.
Dark mat all.png Dark Clip Block (All). Invisible shielding blocks, all faces that come into contact are displayed in black.
Dark mat bottom.png Dark Clip Block (Bottom). The invisible shielding block displays the bottom surface in black.
Scenariotx missionspot.png TX Spawner. This is a spawner that summons monsters in TX mode. You must install at least 10 spawners to obtain a clear reward.
Sst a gammachine01.png TX Gamble Machine. This is a device that can exchange items in TX mode.
Sst a venmachine01.png TX Vending Machine. This is a shop device where you can purchase weapons and kits in TX mode.
Vxl npc shop.png Shop NPC. Men-shaped NPC with quest setting available.
Vxl npc specialist.png Ex-NPC. NPC of male appearance with quest setting available.
Common a broadcam01.png Cutscene Camera Block. A block that can provide a cutscene effect. Editable features: Duration, Speed, Angle Speed, End Position, Start View Position, End View Position, Fade-in Time, Fade-in Color, Fade-out Time, Fade-out Color, Shake Amplitude, Shake Interval, Shake Delay, Shake Duration and Player Invulnerability.
Area stiffen 1x1x1.png Stun/Knockback Area. Area trigger: When a zombie player enters the area, the specified stun and knockback values are applied. (Zombie Escape Mode Exclusive Block) Parameters: Applied value (0.00-2.00), Default: 1.00
Common a brokenmdl01.png Breakable Prop. A block with the selected decoration at the installed location can be destroyed by a player attacking it. Parameters: Model, HP, Effect Type (Normal/Blinking/Glowing), Effect Color.


Weapons that can be spawned in Studio mode (other than default weapons):

Publishing your map

When your map is done, you can publish it for everyone to play. To cheer the map creator, you can send cheer cubes which the map maker can be convert them into mileage points.

  • 10 cubes cheered can be converted into 1 mileage point.
  • Devices, characters, and decorations come with their own cube limits.
  • The cubes that make up flat starter maps' grounds do not contribute to this cost.

Modes available

You can select the mode that will be available in your map. It can be either:

  • Studio Play Mode: You can create a diverse map where you can put any interactions you want.
  • Studio Zombie Hero: You can put your map with Zombie Hero rules.
  • Studio Team Deathmatch: You can put your map with Team Deathmatch rules.
  • Studio Bot Zombie: You can put your map with Bot Zombie rules.
  • Studio Bot Team Deathmatch: You can put your map with Team Deathmatch rules with bots.
  • Studio Destruction: Blocks are destroy-able.
  • Studio Soccer: You can put your map with Soccer rules.
  • Studio Zombie Escape: You can put your map with Zombie Escape rules.
  • Studio Zombie Z: You can put your map with Zombie Z rules.
  • Studio Original: You can put your map with Original rules.
  • Studio Basic: You can put your map with Basic rules.
  • Studio Hide and Seek: You can put your map with Hide and Seek rules.
  • Studio Scenario T: It's based on Zombie Scenario and combined with expanded Lua scripts to enjoy new perspectives, level ups, monsters, and item farming.
  • Studio Zombie Shelter: You can put your map with Zombie Shelter rules.
  • Studio All Star: You can put your map with All Star rules.
  • Studio All Star+: All Star combined with levels.
  • Studio Gun Deathmatch: You can put your map with Gun Deathmatch rules.
  • Studio Zombie 5: Rise: You can put your map with Zombie Rise rules.


There are several packs released separately and have their own exclusive contents.

Lua script

Main article: Studio (mode)/Lua

As of 15 November 2018's update in South Korea, external Lua's scripts are supported for Studio mode. It includes advanced editing and additional features and adjustments.

South Korea: 21 February 2019

Lua Script API extension
  • Added UI script, UI property value query, player-specific damage scale, and script event block.
  • Attack information can be checked when attacked, team can be changed.
  • Studio mode play map only.
Provide Zombie Mode Rule
  • Change the class model + Zombie Weapon Restriction is added.
  • Zombie rules related (infection, headshot kill) can be implemented by previous scripts.

Lua Tutorial Map Transcript

Vxl npc mascot 1 l.png
  1. Hello.
  2. Here is an example for each room.
  3. Open this map in creative mode.
  4. After exporting the script, compare and analyze one by one.
Change Player's Numbers
  1. You can change numerical values ​​such as player's health by script.
  2. Check that each time you pull the lever in front of you, the stamina and Kevlar figures change.
Chat Events
  1. You can operate the device with events such as chat.
  2. Enter start in the chat window and check that the previous button works.
  3. Check the code that sends a signal from the ui.lua file to the server.
Show UI
  1. You can use the UI script to draw characters or rectangles on the screen.
  2. Press the three buttons to the right to check the characters on the screen.
Special Device Block
  1. Some device blocks receive special events other than "use" or "contact".
  2. Press the two buttons to see if the sign block changes.
Scripted Victory
  1. You can also win or defeat the script.
  2. Obtain a coin of 2000 or more using the weapon.
  3. Try to win the game by pressing the lever next to it.



  • The dialogue from the CSO Comics #1 to #3 is lifted from the rather infamous Doom comic, as stated in the map description.
  • This mode is likely to be influenced by a popular sandbox game, Garry's Mod.
  • Unlike Valve Hammer Editor, this mode does not support curve splicing. Objects in it are in larger ratios.
  • This mode is similar to an open source game, Cube and Cube 2: Sauerbraten with the Edit mode.
  • Studio Mode has been in development since the start of 2016. As a result, updates slowed down in 2016 up until its release in 2017. The only new mode that was added during this time was Playroom.